Paul Samson warns the public of impersonators claiming to be him on social media

/ August 18, 2018
Clearly when big things start, alot of people want to be you. And thats the case right now with Paul Samson of NNU. NG

See inage below as he warns and states his Facebook ID.
Clearly when big things start, alot of people want to be you. And thats the case right now with Paul Samson of NNU. NG

See inage below as he warns and states his Facebook ID.
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Bigbrothernaija 2017 #SeeGOBE winner @efemoney gets his Instagram account verified.

More to come to him... See image below

The Ag. President Professor Yemi Osibanjo had this delivered clearly and now Nigerians can breathe and have peace

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Dennis Serg Chukwuekezie, is a 500L student of Law, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Igbariam Campus.

He has been the Publisher/CEO The PUNDITS Media from 2014 till date. 
Currently, he holds the positions of Chief Editor SUG Eagle's Magazine (2018), Associate Editor LAWSA Magazine (2018), Media/Publicity Officer for the SUG Judiciary (2018), Senior Correspondent LAWSA House of Assembly (2017-2018), and Sports Correspondent LAWSA Football Team.

He's a former Class Rep (2015-2017), one time member LAWSA House of Assembly (2014) and former Legal Advisor to the SUG Chief Justice(2016-2017).

Dennis Serg is a writer, an administrator, social commentator, critic and communicator. He has a flair and passion for reporting, with special interest in investigative journalism. 
His hobbies include, reading great books, novels and newspapers. He also enjoys listening to (country) music, radio and watching educative documentaries.

Finally, he's a tech freak, staunch Manchester United fan and a fish lover who dislikes meat.

Currently Dennis has been nominated  "BEST BLOGGER OF THE YEAR in the prestigious ANAMBRA CAMPUS AWARDS.

Follow Dennis Serg Chukwuekezie at AnambraCampusAwards for more info & don't forget to follow AnambraCampusAwards2018 on Instagram for more details.
Vincent-Anene Prince Okwy, is a student of History and International Relations, Paul University, Awka.  

Prince has held many posts as a student. He participates both in Secular and Church activities. Aside from being the University Cross bearer in the order of the Anglican Communion, he is a Chorister where he held several positions.

As a student, Prince has been the Class Representative of his class from 2014 - till date. He has also represented his set at various gathering and level. 

In the SUG, Prince rose to the rank of the Director of Social of the SUG in 2016 served between 2016 -17. In June 2017, he campaigned and won the office of the SUG President, recording 75% victory in the election. He has the 2018 Award of the Most Popular Student of Paul University.

Academically, Prince has been the best student in his class. He has received the Dean’s List Award of Paul University for five semesters for academic excellence. Prince also has the Award of the Most Intelligent Male Student of Paul University, Awka. He also has the Paul University SUG Distinguished Personality Award. 

Prince is the National Assistant Secretary General Nigeria Indigenous State Students Union, NISSU. 


Follow Vincent-Anene Prince Okwy at AnambraCampusAwards for more info & don't forget to follow AnambraCampusAwards2018 on Instagram for more details.
Crazy Hams is a an entertainment outfit specialized in dancing. As a professional dance group they are poised to make everyone appreciate the art of dancing by using dance to send messages to the society and solve societal problems.

Crazy Hams engages in all types of dance ranging from Afro to the Western Dance (Contemporary Dance ,Hip Hop, Trap Dance. etc ) .

Crazy Hams are know by UNIZIK students and all over Anambra and Nigeria by their exceptional dance steps, attitude and energy while dancing.

They have received various recognitions, accolades & awards like the following:

Winners of DIAL 2017

1st runner up UNIZIK got talent 2018

1st runner up @kaffygiveaways 2018

Currently Crazy Hams has been nominated by the SUG UNIZIK to represent UNIZIK in the prestigious ANAMBRA CAMPUS AWARDS 2018.

Follow Crazy Hams at AnambraCampusAwards for more info & don't forget to follow AnambraCampusAwards2018 on Instagram for more details.
Pen Name: ROMEO
Level: 400L

My name is Obi Chikezie Ethelbert, popularly known as Romeo. I am studying Mass communication in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. I am the Editor-in-chief of Unizik Comet Newspaper and Magazine 2018, former General Secretary of the Association of Mass Communication Students and former Director of Presidential Press (SA on Media and Publicity), SUG Unizik.

I love reading, writing and making new friends. I have been Nominated for the Best Article Writer of the Year 2018 Anambra State, please kindly vote for me. 

Follow OBI CHIKEZIE ETHELBERT at AnambraCampusAwards for more info & don't forget to follow AnambraCampusAwards2018 on Instagram for more details.

Happy Birthday Big Sis. More Greatness i wish you. Live Long, Live Well and may all your heart desires be granted now and forever... Amen

Do shakara for today is yours. I love you now and forever Sis.

Happy Birthday Big Sister

by on July 31, 2018
Happy Birthday Big Sis. More Greatness i wish you. Live Long, Live Well and may all your heart desires be granted now and forever... Amen...

Anaduaka Churchill is a graduate of Human Physiology (University of PortHarcourt), and currently a Final Year Medical Student of COOU, Awka, Anambra State. He is currently the LOC Chairman for the Nigerian Medical Students Association’s 50 Years Golden Jubilee Celebration.

He has held several leadership positions in the past which include:

Ex-Officio Member, Ojoto Akanasato Youths (2018).
Pioneer Electoral Committee Chairman, Ojoto Akanasato Youth Wing Election (2018).
Immediate Past President, COUMSA (2017/2018).
Member Electoral Committee COOUMSAECO (2015).
Local Organizing Committee Chairman (Seminar and Outreach), COOUMSA Health Week (2016).
President, NYSC Peer Education Trainers, Akwa-Ibom State (2012).
Public Relations Officer, NYSC Peer Education Trainers Akwa-Ibom State (2011).
Director of Convention, Junior Chamber International, University of Port Harcourt (2010/2011).
Director of Socials, Students Physiological Association of Nigeria (2009/2010).
Junior Chamber International University of Port Harcourt: Director of Sponsorship (2008/2009), Director of Finance (2008/2009), Personal Assistant to the President (2008/2009).
Member Transport Committee, Students Union Government University of Port Harcourt (2007/2008).
Public Relations Officer, Port Harcourt University Human Physiological Students Association (2007/2008).

He has received the following Honors in the past for exemplary leadership and Personal Corporate Social Responsibility:

Most Active LOC Member, COOUMSA Health Week (2016).
Nominee, Ten Outstanding Youth Persons in Nigeria, Junior Chambers International, Nigeria (2012).
JCI Nigeria Councilor of The Noble House, Junior Chamber International, Nigeria (2012).
NYSC State Governors Honours Award, Akwa Ibom State (2012).
Award of Excellence, NYSC Akwa Ibom State Peer Education Trainers (2012) and so many others.
Award of Excellence, Port Harcourt University Human Physiological Students Association (Oct., 2008).

He is fondly called Dr. Church by friends and peers. He loves Swimming, Indoor Games Activities, Reading, Travelling and engaging in Volunteer Community Development Services.

Follow Anaduaka Churchill at AnambraCampusAwards for more info & don't forget to follow AnambraCampusAwards2018 on Instagram for more details.
The NYCN Chairman Anambra State Chapter Comrade. Samuel Egwuatu, the capacity chairman in whose adminstration restored glory of the Igbo race in youth leadership in Nigeria by ensuring the success of Anambra youths in the just held NYCN election in Gombe, with Comrade Innocent Ndaunya emerging as the Deputy President NYCN, Comrade Prince Chibuike Echem as the Vice President South East and Comrade Izunna Agwuncha as the organizing Secretary South East.

The number one Anambra youth in his youthfulness endorses Anambra Campus Awards and sponsors THE BEST SUG PRESIDENT OF THE YEAR 2018 category of the prestigious ANAMBRA CAMPUS AWARDS.

Don't forget to follow AnambraCampusAwards2018 on Instagram for more details.
Makua James is popularly known as  MC Temple Run, he is an On Air Personality (OAP) at Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Broadcasting FM .

Ikegbunam Makua James is a Theater Arts student with an exceptional acting skills, his talent has paved a way for him to act alongside A-list actors and actresses in Nigeria.

He is the current SUG Director of Socials in COOU Igbariam Campus, he hails from Uke, Idemili North LGA in Anambra state and lives in Abuja. Nigeria.

Currently MC  Temple is nominated by the SUG COOU as the BEST OAP OF THE YEAR 2018 for the prestigious ANAMBRA CAMPUS AWARDS

Follow Ikegbunam Makua James AnambraCampusAwards and don't forget to follow AnambraCampusAwards2018 on Instagram for more details.