Happy Birthday Daddy

/ April 19, 2018

Daddy yo. You know i love u. Happy Birthday to You. Llnp.

Live Long for me and my sisters... Amen
God's blessings follow you now and forever... Amen.

Daddy yo. You know i love u. Happy Birthday to You. Llnp.

Live Long for me and my sisters... Amen
God's blessings follow you now and forever... Amen.

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Most times we find ourselves going through this set of problem time and time again not knowing the right thing to do. How really can we get over this when all we do is attack and go after the message and not the messenger.


You know its quite funny to know that someone passes a message across to us and because we seem not to understand what the message is all about we end up attacking the message not knowing that truly what needs to be changed in all honesty is the messenger .

Take for instance, I am just your regular guy out here in my country behind my computer screen making blog posts for my blog and i always do the best i can to always come up with posts that when you get to visit and read them it adds meaning and value to you. Now if there is a post i make here that doesn't seem nice and doesn't have any form of value and meaning to you, you are expected to change the messenger and not the message... you know why?

When we have issues with a particular person or medium of getting information, there is no amount of sweet coating and colour coating that can be done to make us see value and meaning in the message being passed across as we have already built a brick wall against the messenger and as such whatever come from them is irrelevant to us. Now in this rich sense of nature, i implore us all to learn the habit of seeing beyond the messenger and focus more on the message but if we must, then best bet is to change the messenger and trust me you will get the picture very well and clear.
Now think about your very own Bestie and check out a few things that shows if truly the word bestie is the real deal for you both. Did they make the cut?

You share the same interests. 

You are always on the same diet. 

They can always think of an excuse to get you out of an awkward situation. 

They give great advice to you always.

They allow you rant about your favourite shows, even though they don't even watch them. 

They will go that extra mile just to get us that junk meal we so much crave to have when not available.

You trust each others opinion on clothes, hair-do, shoes, event places and so on. 

You never let them get away with stupid decisions. 

You both have a secret language that doesn't require talking. 

You support each others unhealthy obsessions with random things.

They are there to help with life's struggles. No questions.

Are they your Bestie truly?

by on April 12, 2018
Now think about your very own Bestie and check out a few things that shows if truly the word bestie is the real deal for you both. Did th...
Lets SHUTDOWN Awka on the 20th of April 2018, its the @theblueish_ Pool Party with @tha_only_dj_grant

Venue: Parlos Verdes
Time: 4pm to Midnight

Lets be there, Turn Up
Dj Grant

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#Blueish with Dj Grant

by on April 11, 2018
Lets SHUTDOWN Awka on the 20th of April 2018, its the @theblueish_ Pool Party with @tha_only_dj_grant Venue: Parlos Verdes Time: 4pm ...
5 years today you left this world, Continue to rest with your maker Mummy.


Cant cry or sorrow on forever but it hurts deep down to remember that you are gone for good. F9rever in my Heart.

I love you mummy.

Lexhansplace takes time out to get to meet the people behind the names and brands and as always i have taken time to meet up with the man behind C_Azuakor_Art_Gallery.

If you follow my blog well enough you will know him by now as he did THIS and also did THIS and i share them all here.

Lets get to meet you, your name and were you are from?

Azuakor Charleslouis ,from Nkpologwu, Aguata, Anambra, Nigeria

What was upbringing like for you as a person?

I grew up in Onitsha, from a Christian family

Charleslouis Azuakor for lexhansplace
Charleslouis Azuakor

Are you married or single?

I am single

Do you have kids? If yes… how many are they?


Tell us about your academics? 

I had my secondary education in Onitsha at St. Charles Special Science School and my University education at Accra Institute of Technology Ghana.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta for lexhansplace
Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Asides your studies. What else do you do?

I make artworks and when i am less busy I try to invent new things.

You do Art. So tel me whats the story about the Art . How did you come about it?

I having been making art since I can remember but I started doing so professionally in January 2017...it came as an urge to express myself in a visible form that can also add value to the society.

Which goes for you? Coffee or Tea?


Have you been in or to any Art Exhibitions? If yes. Can you list 3 for us?

Yes,I was one of the artists who exhibited at a private exhibition organised by Nelen Studios on the 20th of Dec 2017.

How was the experience? 

I had a wonderful experience, knowing that people appreciate my point of view.

Art exhibition for lexhansplace
What is your most embarrassing moment as an Artist? 

At a time when I was making a live speed drawing and my crank sharpener got stuck ...I had to make use of a blunt pencil throughout the process.

What’s that best Art advice you have ever received from people in respect to your profession? And who in particular gave you this advice?

"Don't put money first, be more concerned in rendering a good service; you will get paid anyway" by Ejiofor Chukwudubem.

Keen Eye Sight for lexhansplace
Keen Eye Sight
The worst Art advice you ever gotten and from whom?

"use low quality materials,they won't notice" 

If you were to choose from Art and your Course of Study in school, which of them will you want to live as? 

Being an Artist is better.

Who inspires you when it comes to Art ? 

Aside from observing God and his creations, works from Kelvin Okafor has been of great inspiration.

What’s your fondest childhood memory?

Role playing with sticks as guns.

Echiche [Thoughts] for lexhansplace
Echiche [Thoughts]
Here is one I like to ask a lot, tell me your Art Bag-pack, Can you reveal what and what you take along for your jobs?

My sketch pad, steel rule, graphite and charcoal pencils, kneaded erasers and brush.

As an artist. How do you come about your materials for art?

I source some materials from local art stores, but mainly I import the essential ones.

Olokombuba [Butterfly] for lexhansplace
Olokombuba [Butterfly]
How easy can one get the act of being one like you, an artist i mean?

Its not easy... one will need to be observant, make researches, be patient, be persistent, has to practice , be creative and formless.

Do you intend going bigger than you currently are in the art industry?

Yes I do... growth is essential.

Any plans to establish your own art studio?

Currently working on getting a proper home studio, but then I might be using galleries to interact with the public and clients.

Any plans to sometime in the future host an art exhibition?

Yes... for now am still trying to understand how the system works.

As an Artist and a person, how can people get to interact with you, see images and videos of your Art works. Do you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Can you share your social links so people can connect with you?

Whatsapp- +2348037625423

Facebook- C.Azuakor Art

Any word of advice for other Artists out there?

Quality matters, that defines you and let your works be of positive impact to the world.
Happy Birthday El-Classic King Somuch for lexhansplace

Birthday Shout-Out to the Wolrd Famous, El -Classic King SomuchMore
More Life Brother... Have Fun and age with grace bro.

afsa2018 lexhansplace
Anambra Fashion Show and Awards 2018.

Nominations List:

1. Best Model (male&female)
2. Next Rated Model (male&female)
3. Best Fashion Entrepreneur
4. Best Fashion Brand
5. Best Makeup Artist
6. Next Rated Makeup Artist
7. Best Fashion Photographer
8. Best Fashion Designer (menswear)
9. Best Fashion Designer (womenswear)
10. Most Fashionable Thespian(male&female)
11. Most Fashionable Pageant King
12. Most Fashionable Beauty Queen
13. Best Graphics Designer
14. Next Rated Modelling Agency
15. Best Use of Social Media
16. Outstanding Music Act(male&female)
17. Outstanding Dance Act(male&female)
18. Most Fashionable Model(male&female)
19.Campus Most Fashionable (male&female)
20.Best Fashion Blog/Website.

Procedures for Nomination:

1.Note that nominations is open to every individual within and outside the state, both indigenes and non indigenes.

2.You can nominate your friends, families, loved ones and anybody you feel deserves to be Awarded.

3.Nominations should be sent only ONCE. More than one nomination will be cancelled.

4.To nominate: Send by a text... Nominees Full Name, Phone number and Instagram handle to 08152209285.

Note! Nominations begins on Sunday April 1st and ends on 20th April 2018.

How excited are you???💃💃💃

Pet Planet International, the one stop hub for all your pet needs, aims to bring information and premium services to dog lovers around the world while, making owning a pet, stress free, has launched a mobile application for pet owners and pet lovers. The mobile application also known as the Pet Planet International app, will cater to the needs of pet owners and pet lovers with a vast array of available services.

Pet owners and pet lovers in Nigeria can now have access to premium pet services from world class pet handlers and vets. This includes purchase of a wide array of pedigree like Terriers, King Charles Cavaliers, French Bulldogs, Dachshunds and many more; protecting pets via pest control, pet merchandising, training, mating and boarding.

There is also a 24/7 online Vet help line available on the Pet Planet International app. Pet owners can reach out to the dedicated PPI Vet staff round the clock and even on holidays. Pet owners will also have their pets and pet needs delivered to their homes whenever they use the Pet Planet International app. A first of its kind service platform pet lovers now have access to the best services for their pets.

To enjoy these premium pet services, pet lovers should download the PPI app on their mobile devices via the Apple store or Google Play store and register as soon as possible, or visit www.petplanetinternational.com for more information. Pet Planet International is your one stop hub for all your pet’s needs.
Happy Birthday to you Zippojenny

More life and success i pray for you now and forever.

Do have fun and enjoy your cakeday. OKPALA JENNY CHINEMELUM