My Journey (Complete series 1,2,3)...

My Journey.

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I had to bring this back to keep it all fresh in our minds as some may have read it all and some havenot even read a bit of it.

You ever had the opportunity to go and be a part of a wonderful story and experience and feel so much you have to go public and share this whole moment of joy with friends and family?

if yes, then here is me sharing my very own moment with you all my wonderful visitors..

dont just be a visitor, but a reader... take all the time you in the world as you go through and read from part 1 through to part 2 and finally to part 3 of my said experience in BENIN and be glad you did.

(When you go on a journey and decide to share with friends...)

Read MY 1, 2 n 3.....when lexhansplace was still a blogspot and not a .com.

My journey for my cousin's INTRODUCTION...





  1. wat an epistle, nice write up lexhan, i always love your pots

  2. i will read them .

  3. Replies
    1. most definitely. it is one journey i cant forget..

  4. I’ve just read all 3 parts of your journey! It was very interesting read! Amazing post!!!

    1. thank you eugenia for taking time out to read through all 3...

  5. An amazing journey!! I hope someday for mine to be like this!!

    1. surely and hopefully yours would be better..


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