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Anambra Fashion Show and Awards 2018.

Nominations List:

1. Best Model (male&female)
2. Next Rated Model (male&female)
3. Best Fashion Entrepreneur
4. Best Fashion Brand
5. Best Makeup Artist
6. Next Rated Makeup Artist
7. Best Fashion Photographer
8. Best Fashion Designer (menswear)
9. Best Fashion Designer (womenswear)
10. Most Fashionable Thespian(male&female)
11. Most Fashionable Pageant King
12. Most Fashionable Beauty Queen
13. Best Graphics Designer
14. Next Rated Modelling Agency
15. Best Use of Social Media
16. Outstanding Music Act(male&female)
17. Outstanding Dance Act(male&female)
18. Most Fashionable Model(male&female)
19.Campus Most Fashionable (male&female)
20.Best Fashion Blog/Website.

Procedures for Nomination:

1.Note that nominations is open to every individual within and outside the state, both indigenes and non indigenes.

2.You can nominate your friends, families, loved ones and anybody you feel deserves to be Awarded.

3.Nominations should be sent only ONCE. More than one nomination will be cancelled.

4.To nominate: Send by a text... Nominees Full Name, Phone number and Instagram handle to 08152209285.

Note! Nominations begins on Sunday April 1st and ends on 20th April 2018.

How excited are you???💃💃💃