Meet Charleslouis Azuakor of C.Azuakor_art

Lexhansplace takes time out to get to meet the people behind the names and brands and as always i have taken time to meet up with the man behind C_Azuakor_Art_Gallery.

If you follow my blog well enough you will know him by now as he did THIS and also did THIS and i share them all here.

Lets get to meet you, your name and were you are from?

Azuakor Charleslouis ,from Nkpologwu, Aguata, Anambra, Nigeria

What was upbringing like for you as a person?

I grew up in Onitsha, from a Christian family

Charleslouis Azuakor for lexhansplace
Charleslouis Azuakor

Are you married or single?

I am single

Do you have kids? If yes… how many are they?


Tell us about your academics? 

I had my secondary education in Onitsha at St. Charles Special Science School and my University education at Accra Institute of Technology Ghana.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta for lexhansplace
Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Asides your studies. What else do you do?

I make artworks and when i am less busy I try to invent new things.

You do Art. So tel me whats the story about the Art . How did you come about it?

I having been making art since I can remember but I started doing so professionally in January came as an urge to express myself in a visible form that can also add value to the society.

Which goes for you? Coffee or Tea?


Have you been in or to any Art Exhibitions? If yes. Can you list 3 for us?

Yes,I was one of the artists who exhibited at a private exhibition organised by Nelen Studios on the 20th of Dec 2017.

How was the experience? 

I had a wonderful experience, knowing that people appreciate my point of view.

Art exhibition for lexhansplace
What is your most embarrassing moment as an Artist? 

At a time when I was making a live speed drawing and my crank sharpener got stuck ...I had to make use of a blunt pencil throughout the process.

What’s that best Art advice you have ever received from people in respect to your profession? And who in particular gave you this advice?

"Don't put money first, be more concerned in rendering a good service; you will get paid anyway" by Ejiofor Chukwudubem.

Keen Eye Sight for lexhansplace
Keen Eye Sight
The worst Art advice you ever gotten and from whom?

"use low quality materials,they won't notice" 

If you were to choose from Art and your Course of Study in school, which of them will you want to live as? 

Being an Artist is better.

Who inspires you when it comes to Art ? 

Aside from observing God and his creations, works from Kelvin Okafor has been of great inspiration.

What’s your fondest childhood memory?

Role playing with sticks as guns.

Echiche [Thoughts] for lexhansplace
Echiche [Thoughts]
Here is one I like to ask a lot, tell me your Art Bag-pack, Can you reveal what and what you take along for your jobs?

My sketch pad, steel rule, graphite and charcoal pencils, kneaded erasers and brush.

As an artist. How do you come about your materials for art?

I source some materials from local art stores, but mainly I import the essential ones.

Olokombuba [Butterfly] for lexhansplace
Olokombuba [Butterfly]
How easy can one get the act of being one like you, an artist i mean?

Its not easy... one will need to be observant, make researches, be patient, be persistent, has to practice , be creative and formless.

Do you intend going bigger than you currently are in the art industry?

Yes I do... growth is essential.

Any plans to establish your own art studio?

Currently working on getting a proper home studio, but then I might be using galleries to interact with the public and clients.

Any plans to sometime in the future host an art exhibition?

Yes... for now am still trying to understand how the system works.

As an Artist and a person, how can people get to interact with you, see images and videos of your Art works. Do you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Can you share your social links so people can connect with you?

Whatsapp- +2348037625423

Facebook- C.Azuakor Art

Any word of advice for other Artists out there?

Quality matters, that defines you and let your works be of positive impact to the world.


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