First Date Tips

We all have that hunger to experience our first date with that one guy or lady we so much admire and all but have we taken time to ask ourselves the best way to go on that date and be taken serious?

Below i highlight a few tips to consider when you go on that first date. Ladies have alot to learn here, so also the guys have alot of learning in it too.

1. Wear what make you comfortable and stands you out as decent/smart/classy but not trashy.

2. Do not brag about your ahievements because, it makes it look as if you are trying to impress.

3. No sex talks on a first date. Trust me it turns alot of people off to be on a date and then a sexual discussion comes up. You are not some cheap or loose man/woman. So do not even think of starting up one. On a first date, you are not there to have it as its one for you both to bond and know each other and not for some steamy romp.

4. Let your discussuons be smart and productive. If it isnt such, cut it and proly try something else. Ask questions you feel are important to him/her as this will go a long way to build smart choices for you both.

5. Few pictures not too much will be a good move. Keep memories of your first date.

6. Don't wait to long for the gold. If he or she doesn't fit the profile you want or expected. Don't long it. Be brief and decent but make sure ut doesn't go longer than usual. Afterall he/she isn't your spex and it will not lead anywere.

7. Always go with that emergency cash. Not to impress but incase there is an emergency. Emergencies can be to complete bills, or something of urgency in any form.

8. Smile as much as you can. Trust me this works but don't over do it and end up looking like a clown. A broad and warm smile goes a long way to create a good reception from you and your date.

9. Be careful with your makeup, makeup under a lot of light to not have too much details and look weird for the occasion.

10. Leave your phone aside or else you have a call. Yes. Remember you are on a date and not out to press your phones for games, chats or movies.

11. Don't go out with big bags, purse or some large wallets. If you can, please do not go with any but if you must do so then make sure its something small and simple. You don't want your date to see you thinking you are there to have the takeaways home. For the guys, that fat wallet to a lady is just junk of papers and notes and it doesnt go well with them. Keep it simple.

12. Always sit properly. Sit up and elegantly.

13. No talks about your X's. No man or woman wants to learn about your failed relationships on a first date.

14. The way you both go in for a chair and sitting speaks alot about how you will be after the date. Be a gentleman and warm her into a sit, and for the ladies. Be a dove and sit with charm and class. No woman wants to have to pull and sit all by herself while you the man just walk up to your sit.

15. Little details matter alot in first dates. Pay attention. You can learn a thing or two. Good, bad or ugly. All details are necessary.

16. Be appreciative of a first date. Appreciate your date by your good choice of words or actions. A thank you for this or that will go a long way to let your partner know that you are happy and grateful it all went well.

17. A hug or peck does magic. Shhhhiiii, wait i said hug or peck and not a kiss. Its warm and gladdens a soul. Do it on a first date but at the right moment please. Probably when you about to live or when he or she drops you off home, or ehen you get that cab to drop you off. Whichever way.

18. Hold your emotions in check. Even if you get tripping for him or her on that first date. Don't let too much out. Hold it and be in control of your emotions. No man or woman wants to be with someone who doesnt have a control to their emotions.

19. On a date, eat what you can truly eat, what you have eaten and tasted. Do not order for what you don't know of because you want to impress your date. When it gets messy, trust me you will wish you never did that. Stay real and original to your diet.

20. Be confident in yourself. Nothing speaks ME than your confidence. Do not shake, blink like you are scared or frightened by your date's presence or whatsoever. Its a charm you wear naturally so let it speak for you. But please dont be over confident.

21. Location of and for a date is something to always look into. This should be the first on my list but i reserved it for the last. Where you choose is as good as the type of man/woman you are. A cool and reserved location says who you are same way a noisy and rough place too. So pick somewhere that speak calm and peace for your first date. Good light, Good music and all.

Feel free to add yours if i skipped any other very important first date tips.

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  1. I have mentioned a few if not all of these to my kids when they started dating. The only thing different was that smartphones were not yet the fad then, so checking email, or facebook posts were not an issue with them. I will share this post with my sister. Her son is just about the right age to start dating.

  2. Wonderful tips! I agree especially with the 'bring extra money' you never know what may happen. When I was 18 (many decades ago) after our date a boy wanted me to meet his parents or so was his excuse for taking me to his apartment building. When I refused to go in he told me I could walk.

  3. I have met a few people who could have used these lessons and tips for their first date with me in the past! Glad that you shared this!

  4. Those are really wonderful tips. I actually did some of your tips when my husband and I are still dating I am so nervous but it is a great feeling after all.

  5. Such a nice post and a great guide in having your first date will definitely shares this to my nephew and nieces so that they will be guided on their first date hahaha!

  6. Such a great guide. It is reslly important to know what it should be on the first daate.

  7. This is such a great guide. I am SO glad I am not dating, but this day and age it seems so much harder than it was 11 years ago!


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