Fake Life Preferences

Have you notice that most guys like and admire pictures of the fake life girls. (Ladies who live fake and pretenscious life)

I know alot of people will bad mouth me now for this very one but trust me. This is the truth and nothing but the truth. The average man you see out there on social media is a pervert and majority take fantasy to a whole new level when they glance at images from these filter makeup looking images compared to what they see when they look through the decent girls images.

Yet i ask myself a few questions and say *why is it so?*
Why cant we be appreciative of the ladies with the brains or we tend to appreciate both set of ladies in same way. Or is it all about the beauty and then we forget about the brains?

I cant seem to figure this out and as such i throw this random rant to the full house to join and discus it all so i can move ahead and finish the second part of this nice discussion.

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  1. Beauty is only skin deep, or so my grandma used to say. I never 'got it' until I got some age on me. She was 100% correct. Life is more than visuals, that's for certain.


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