Meet Crazy Hams, Nominee @ the AnambraCampusAwards2018

Crazy Hams is a an entertainment outfit specialized in dancing. As a professional dance group they are poised to make everyone appreciate the art of dancing by using dance to send messages to the society and solve societal problems.

Crazy Hams engages in all types of dance ranging from Afro to the Western Dance (Contemporary Dance ,Hip Hop, Trap Dance. etc ) .

Crazy Hams are know by UNIZIK students and all over Anambra and Nigeria by their exceptional dance steps, attitude and energy while dancing.

They have received various recognitions, accolades & awards like the following:

Winners of DIAL 2017

1st runner up UNIZIK got talent 2018

1st runner up @kaffygiveaways 2018

Currently Crazy Hams has been nominated by the SUG UNIZIK to represent UNIZIK in the prestigious ANAMBRA CAMPUS AWARDS 2018.

Follow Crazy Hams at AnambraCampusAwards for more info & don't forget to follow AnambraCampusAwards2018 on Instagram for more details.

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