Xclusive STORY…{MY JOURNEY ….Part2}

In continuation of MY JOURNEY, we should see what happened after I finished it and said there was sad news for me…  

Well straight to the point and straight to it, I was told by my father and eldest sister {names withheld} that my Kid Sis {name withheld} was going to go along with us… . 
You interesting parcel, you perusing this and you not asking me what date this happened, when it happened, the interim’s and co? 
CHECK THE DATE OF PUBLISHING THIS ARTICLE AND DO THE REST YOURSELF… .. Hey, don’t get furious with me for approaching you to do that part for me and yourself. 
I got a call from Eldest Sister letting me know about my Kid Sisters impending {SURPRISE} visit and that is the awful news for frankly its a genuine incredible and favored news for I haven’t seen her in right around 1 year, yet the terrible piece of it was the part when, I and my father examined about her nearing and we came to an understanding that I needed to backtrack and stay with her, so she gets the opportunity to be with somebody at home, or that I’ll need to sit tight for her to arrive and we’ll need to make it to BENIN together by open transport…  

Did I simply say this? Alright, yes I did… … . Well they say blood is thicker than water and what other approach to demonstrate that affection to your sibs, most particularly when you need to take care of and attend to for your more youthful one… . 

I backtracked, sat tight for my Kid Sis to arrive so we live for BENIN together. 

OK as said before, dropped my things and took off to chill off and sit tight for her… . To facilitate the anxiety for myself I made a beeline for the bistro…  {Dad’s} to mellow out and kill time, not long after I got my father’s call inquiring as to whether my Kid Sis had gotten to the house? Well the long story went short as I sat tight for her to come, soon she arrived and I took off to go get her so we head home, and off to BENIN. 
It wasn’t a simple undertaking doh, as its been long she came around and I needed to relax demonstrating her around when I picked her from a MARKET near to the house…  now you believe the Nigerian transport framework to dependably give you a few issues when you wouldn’t dare hoping anymore to, soon we were set for the park however this time, with the assistance of the KEKE {TRICYCLE} driver that brought her from the region where she dropped when she got into ANAMBRA State. 
Child enough she and I were at the transport park were we needed to board a transport taking off straight to BENIN, well to make it all simple for you and all included to get the essence well and legitimately, we got down and might you be able to accept that the KEKE man asked that we give him an astounding N2500 (Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira) for the trip, before I could say a word my Kid Sis remained in for this and needed to manage it the woman way ‘WHEN DEM GO SHOW YOU SAY NOTHING IS POSSIBLE IF THERE WASN’T THE WORD IMPOSSIBLE‘, soon before I comprehended what was going on the man was all grins as we wound up giving the driver only N1300 (One Thousand Three Hundred Naira) in addition to the 100 NAIRA he was owing my sis…  
My kin abeg make una no vex for me here o, similar to play like play we made a beeline to get the following accessible transport to BENIN, however we needed to cut it off at the typical ASABA, yet my slip-up this time the transport we entered had the conductor charging I and my sister and a little box an entire 300 Naira, importance the little box was paid for like it was human, this I didn’t take gently as I was already aware so well that the economy wasn’t grinning at anybody and paying that much was going to make it all distinctive to arrange… . As the colloquialism goes, you see what you don’t expect…

Hmmmmmm, we got in, I had a go at playing the conductor and driver shrewd and pleasantly to overlook the crate reasonable, however the driver wouldn’t enter my one chance and he got hostile with I and my sis, saying {u and dis ya sister dey INSULT person O}, na here my head diffuse as I reason the fellow say, I talk little, him no gree sotey him say I dey INSULT am, say if na like that {guy if na dat one now, me and you go SCATTER this spot now now} shockingly the driver {A SMALL BOY} called me a LITTLE KID… . Chai {at my age}, well I no blame the gentleman sha, na in light of the fact that I cut my beards and all, now having my typical chubby/baby face. 

Well my kid Sis went up against it herself to safeguard me once more, which I finished quickly by simply giving the SMALL BOY DRIVER 50 Naira for his services, after some elders and passengers asked that i DIE THE MATTER and soon we saw a moving bus going to BENIN and from that minute all I recalled was I and my kid Sis in a bus making a beeline for BENIN, we rested off while the bus moved and the downpour walked vigorously on our bus so hard I could hear the splatter of raindrops on my side off the bus while sleeping. 
At around 3pm or there about, my father’s ring woke me asking where we were, I got him educated as to were we were, he finished the call and I proceeded with my rest, soon the transport ceased once more, and by now I was feeling hungry yet horrible things beset my eye to purchase aside from corn and some short looking banana which I and my sister didn’t care for, so we needed to manage with the corn… … .. 2 for 50 Naira, I purchased that of 200 and sufficiently clever there was no pear or coconut to eat it with. We had this and soon we were in BENIN. 


We Ventured down at the famous RAMAT PARK got a taxi and made a beeline to meet my father,/cousin and uncle… .and as God could have it, got stopped into an INN promptly as we arrived by my cousin in order to spruce up first before going to meet my father and uncle (DAD’S BROTHER/RICHI’S DAD). 
Lets proceed with the last and final part after am certain you more likely than not processed this part and the first…  
Goodmorning world..

Goodmorning leXHansplaCE Readers..

Written by LeXHansplaCE

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  1. omo u got me reading all through from the first part to this one, great article you just delivered lex, more of this pleas…. now i will be waiting for the part 3 and more…

    kudos to u,, and abeg help me gree yur kid sis, mk she reduce d ginger o…..lwtmb

    tunji, ikotun..

  2. Haha, is is bad that I giggled when the driver called you a little kid? Maybe you need to wear a beard for these journeys. Fun and interesting write-up 🙂

  3. Interesting story, I think you like to add a little drama to your story in the way the text is presented which makes the story telling more efficient. A good way to captivate your readers. Great adventures in Nigeria.

  4. That sounds like quite an adventure! I bet you and your little sister had fun together even with the mishaps. Traveling with a loved one is like that. And how funny that the driver called you a little kid!

  5. This is an amazing read. I had read part 1 before but you got me re reading it all over again and then read this one. Your writings are always amazing. It creates a visual in my mind.

  6. Such a great story! I had to go back to the first part ot understand everything, but as soon as I read, it was such awesome. Definitely, I was hooked!

  7. You tell it as if we're all there with you experiencing everything. Sorry about that bad experience with the driver, they're everywhere. At least you were able to meet up and go to Benin safely with your sister.

  8. When you are writing like this it helps to go deeper and kind of live it or at least feel it. It's all about the details to create that feeling. It's just like in a real novel. Good job!

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