Xclusive STORY…{MY JOURNEY ….Part3} Updated with IMAGES….

 Xclusive STORY…{MY JOURNEY ….Part3}

uche, i and richi for lexhansplace
Uche, leX & Richie

 Up next i went down to meet with them in the DINNING for breakfast…

How about we say I must be late by God’s wish and I at long last touched base after all the time squandered but when I came, they have not by any means began eating. Good for ME.
Alright the time for breakfast had come, and I was on the table with all of them, and next I was asked what I needed and like I had the previous evening, I asked for club sandwich. {sandwich, for articulations, bear in mind, the D is silent}… I was presented with my own particular feast, same with my Kid Sister, My Father had the same thing, yet My Cousin and his Father had an alternate dinner, don’t recognize what I’ll call it, {chips, with moved hamburger and some different stuffs… .
In the middle of the feast we had a little talk as we viewed CNN about the fear assaults in TUNISIA {beach attacks}, next up was my part discussing the assault in IKORODU LAGOS where we all got astounded and addressing how the police or security offices around the zone, couldn’t catch the hoodlums..
To my most up to date learning field, my Uncle, said something I picked information from, when he said, {I had a meeting with some of my associates, and I said to them, that in the event that I was not in work and utilized my insight to go into wrongdoing, I’ll do it in a manner that it will be unadulterated and nobody will know and as being what is indicated ama be successful} NOW YOU WILL ASK ME WHY I HAD TO PUT THIS IN THIS STORY?
Well the breakfast proceeded with and we all were all filled to our midsection confines, and soon enough we were done, yet we had a little sitback after supper, next we cleared out for our different lodging rooms… …
I did something some of you will say some negative on or generally…
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family picture for lexhansplace
brothers,uncle, father, father-in-law, couple, my dad n myself,

What is it.?… My Father couldn’t complete his club sandwich, same with my Kid Sister, and me being the sustenance tank of the house, I offered to complete there’s alongside mine, so I had one of the staff in the dinning segment get and wrap my sandwich in a foil and wrap it just for me… as I brought it away with me…

couple with parents, my dad for lexhansplace
Uches Mum n Dad, Uche n Richie, Richies Dad, my Dad.
I neglected to let you know that I saw there was free Wi-Fi benefit in there and asked for their watchword to get to their free administration which I as of now am utilizing at this moment to speak with every one of you…
Well we should stop here until further notice and proceed later… for the time being I will take my rest and rest as much as I can, for by 3 we’ll be living for the presentation fitting..
Until further notice, it’s great evening to all lexhansplace perusers.
uches brothers and richie for lexhansplace
Couple and the Guys

You will wonder about the pace at which it all went for us as while I went up with everybody to have a rest and sit tight for the right time to move for the INTRODUCTION… . I got down once more, and needed to make utilization of my LAPTOP and redesign some certain things on my BLOG and to give myself a little to do, I took a genuine rest and as at 2:30pm I got a call from my COUSIN saying I ought to get prepared and be around 2:50 to take off for the INTRODUCTION..
At precisely 2:37pm, I had officially completed the process of sprucing up and needed to ginger my Kid Sister to get set for the trip, she had issues attempting to get what and what she was going to wear. {a green dress with brilliant design}.
!!! My goodness, you have to see the beautiful dress she had on, I marveled at the dress she had on and will say the dress Is worth over $200, yes I said it, you need the pix? not to stress you’ll see it toward the end off this story..

shyllababez for lexhansplace
My Kid Sis and her wonder DRESS….
To drive the point straightforwardly were I am taking you to, the arrangements completed up and we all were set to go, yet believe me as a fitting naija youth na, I needed to make it all so we take the elevator for some brave exit however to my failure the elevator was possessed and we made utilization of the staircase and got down so as to join my father, my cousin, and his father…
When we got into the vehicle, we were headed toward the venue…
10 to 15 mins max we were at the venue, got down from the vehicle and got into the living arrangement of my cousin’s WIFE TO BE {name witheld}.. conventions with welcome and all others took after…
Before long we were into the occasion fitting… MIND YOU ITS AN INTRODUCTION and not a huge service as a few individuals do or call it..
The wife to be’s family got into convention, my cousins Dad ‘my uncle’ and my Dad got into the activity as I and my Kid Sister had our attention stuck through ‘pinging, chatting, face-booking and different things a cell phone does.. with our ears and eyes precisely aware of our quick surroundings..
couple and ladies for lexhansplace
ladies and the couple
Around an hour and the formal occasion took a smooth turn and everybody set out toward a meal which I must say was exquisite, had issues eating much however because of my tooth-throb yet I had a go at being basic and a vegan and got filled as I arranged… What next? 
Meal was over and we all got connecting, soon we were done and set out down toward pictures, which we took a great deal of and I must say I turned into the one having all of us talking as i simply needed to… . One thing to another, the photo taking had finished and we were all prepared to live… .
We returned to the Hotel ‘Uyi Grand Hotel, Benin’, settled down to our different suits and took the required rest to conceal the lost vitality amid the occasion.. eaten, said our good-nights and hit straight to overnight boardinghouse, I was sleeping… ‘not overlooking I dozed late however as I needed to overhaul my BLOG and do some other things online..’..
The following day was Sunday and that happened to be the day we anticipated living back for Onitsha, I needed to first up bring my Kid Sister down to the motor park as she needed to make a beeline for Lagos, ”you realize that inclination when you need to kill your sweet early morning rest’.. Just fine, I got her safe to the park, and soon enough I said my farewells to her and I was off back to the lodging to proceed with my rest..

family present for lexhansplace
Rest came too brisk, next was a thump on my entryway.. Think about who? … My father, he came to wake me to get set for takeoff… .!like truly that was kinda substantial for me as I was simply starting to make the most of my rest, well I needed to take after the honorable obligation from my father and got into the washroom, finished that, stuffed my gear and got down to go along with them up in the dinning for breakfast… as common I had my sandwich, however this time I additionally cornflakes with it alongside hot tea to down it painstakingly into my extensive midsection..
Well here is the part I know heaps of you have been expecting… after breakfast we were all set and done, ‘I, my cousin, my father and my uncle’… the driver was all prepared to go and we hit straight up to the auto stop in the HOTEL, got into the vehicle and we set off and that was farewell to Benin and Welcome back to Onitsha for I and my father/Welcome to Calabar for my cousin and his father..
To be completely forthright the voyage was justified, despite all the trouble, am enormously appreciative I made this trip the adventure making as well as the certainty it was finished with my child sister, my father and for my mate “”cousin”” made it much all the more fascinating and a good time for me..

lex n kid sis for lexhansplace
leX & Kid Sis.

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

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Welcome to my escape. Read through my posts and do have yourself a good time.


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  1. What a beautiful family you have – it sounds like your trip was filled with many interesting moments. Like everyone else, I too love the dress 😀 beautiful!

  2. I think your kid sister looks great in her green dress! And it sounds like your family had fun all together. I would really like to visit Benin some day. Sadly I have never been to West Africa.

  3. It sounds like you had a great time with your family. Thanks for posting the photo of the dress because it was beautiful. Yes I can see why you would say it was worth $200. It was very nice and I loved her shoes as well. I was also eyeing the yellow dress in the photos as well.

    • aw! your words makes the post come back alive again… the lady in yellow happens to be the reason for the event you know…(my cousin's wife)… and am glad you also like my sisters dress.

  4. I hope your tooth is feeling much better! It sounds like you and your family had such a great time together. You now have invaluable memories from such a wonderful journey!

  5. I loved your photos and the overall good of the story is happy. The time spent with family is precious.
    What can I say, your sister is a superstar, green is definitely her color.

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