Lilian Uzowulu: leXHansplaCE gets Up close and Personal.

Lilian Uzowulu: Up close and Personal with FLASHY.

In this interview with a very vibrant lady, leXHansplaCE had the opportunity to get up close and personal to know a lot about her, here she took out time to tell me loads about her family, academics, and loads more….. she went as far as revealing to leXHansplaCE about her deep passion for dance and stage drama..

Sit back and read all through till the very end and get to know the real Flashy…
Ooooohhhh, I forgot…. She has something for those who perceive her differently..
(Well.. Am none of that…people that don’t really know me re the people that say that… Am proud of myself and the things I’ve achieved but am not snubbish and arrogant.. So I guess those people don’t really know me…).
Lilian Uzowulu for lexhansplace
leXHansplaCE: Good afternoon My Lady.. Let’s
(leXHansplaCE) get to meet you.. Tell us your name and were you are from.
Flashy: Oh.. Good afternoon my dear… My
name is Lilian Uzowulu and people call me Flashy… and am from Ihiala in
Anambra State. and am happy to interviewed by you (leXHansplaCE).
leXHansplaCE: All well and good… Tell us, we want
to know more about you in terms of the name Flashy.. How did you come about it?
Flashy: Oh well.. Flashyyyyyy.. I got that
name from my secondary school friends… We got a list of nicknames and they
decided that Flashy suits me… I didn’t believe that the name was going to
suit me at that time.. But now I think it does.. Hope u like the name..
Knowing me in terms of the name Flashy…
Hmmmm… Am a Cheerful, Fun, Intelligent and Vibrant Lady…lol.. i think that
might explain it all.
leXHansplaCE: Sure yes , it does… So let’s drive a little away from the namings and go str8up to your academics… Lilian Uzowulu Tell leXHansplaCE about your academics.
Flashy: Ok… Am a student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, am studying Mass Communication…
leXHansplaCE: Mass Com… Now is it just something every lady nowadays want to go into, or is there a passion behind it?
Flashy: Hahaha.. i knew you will ask that…. Well, I actually have passion for communication.. and being a communicator in terms of a presenter or any other thing related to it…. So No.. It’s not about mass communication being something every lady want to go into…
leXHansplaCE: Ok, so leXHansplaCE should be expecting to see you hit the big screens soon… A visual communicator or audio? Which is your take?
flashy lexhansplace

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