Up close and personal with Bisola Bakare (Chincobee Accessories)..

Up close and personal with Bisola Bakare.

In here I got to hook up with a friend,Bisola Bakare.  ‘yes a friend, we communicate n she’s also an ambition driven Lady’ which I love so much in Ladies…. Here she opened up on Academics, Career, Family and also about her Fabric Accessories (Chincobee Accessories)…

Sit back read and digest as much as you can… Its undiluted word for word in here and am sure her passion and goal drive will push you to the edge, you will want to be like her..

chincobee lexhansplace

leXHansplaCE: Good Evening and can leXHansplaCE get to meet you?
ChincooBee: Am Bisola Bakare .A graduate of Industrial Relations. I work in a Pharmaceutical coy as an HR Executive.
leXHansplaCE: Wow dats cool… Getting to know you more, tell leXHansplaCE.. Where you are from and a little about your family background?…
ChincooBee: Am from Ogun State (Ago Iwoye).. Am the only girl in a family of 3 so am practically the middle lady.
leXHansplaCE: Now that’s to say you are the baby of the house?
ChincooBee: Lolz if I hear. Well am a big baby.
leXHansplaCE: Lolz, thats by the way doh… So tell me.. Besides being an HOUR Executive, what else do you do?
ChincooBee: HR or HOUR :p
leXHansplaCE: Sorry, typo error…
ChincooBee: Ok don’t mind me, I make fabric accessories. It’s just a creative idea I decided to embark on to keep myself busy.

leXHansplaCE: How busy are we talking about?

ChincooBee: I mean finding something to do at my leisure.
leXHansplaCE: Ok…. I know you are also a blogger… Tell leXHansplaCE about the blog.. What is the drive behind it?

ChincooBee: Am a baby blogger ooo and practically am not like you people nah. Anyway the idea behind the blog is simply to reach out to clients and it has been yielding positive results within the short period. The blog is one that showcases my creative ideas in respect of the fabric accessories I make.

leXHansplaCE: Results, should I say a lot of money…. Profits here and there?
ChincooBee: Habaaaaaaa no jor. Not plenty money but I bless God.
leXHansplaCE: That’s the spirit. Profit is profit and as usual, you gotta bless God… So what will you call a challenge for you, as a HR and also a Creative designer ‘fabric accessories’ and also a blogger… How do you combine all these?
ChincooBee: Thatz the problem. It’s not easy even though am not an everyday blogger. Well like I said the fabric Accessory is what I do at my leisure except I have special order which means working extra hours at night. Moreso, the blog aspect entails uploading the works I have done. Though the fact that I don’t blog everyday doesn’t make it easier either but in all, I just have to create time for everything provided that one activity doesn’t affect the other negatively.
leXHansplaCE: Ok… Hmmmm, let’s see…. Let’s get kinda personal… You are a beauty when one tlks about it all so tell leXHansplaCE… Is Bisola Bakare married?
ChincooBee: Beauty? See washhhhhhh…Am not married.
leXHansplaCE: Lolz, you sure are a beauty… Ok, since not married, tell us about HIM… Just a peep through I’ld say..
ChincooBee: Which him? Did I say there is any HIM?
chincobee lexhansplace

leXHansplaCE: Lolz. What leXHan meant was for you to tell us about your relationship… Definitely there is a man ? Just tell us a thing or two about it…
ChincooBee: There is no MAN.
leXHansplaCE: Wow, dats a direct message for the single and searching men to back-out… Is it?
ChincooBee: Ahahahhahah well I dunno about that
leXHansplaCE: You never know, so hopefully you should tell… Ok let me ask you this way….’Are you single and searching? Or Single and not searching?’
chincobee lexhansplace

ChincooBee: Confused:p

leXHansplaCE: Hmmmm… Well den, I’l say you don’t want to talk about it but hopefully you should say a word or two on it? Don’t you think so…
ChincooBee: Lol lemme jere. Am good don’t worry…Chai, you are making me look like a scammer.
leXHansplaCE: Going away from ur relationships… Tell leXHansplaCE what you do when you are not HR’ing, not Fabric designing, and not blogging… ‘How do you pass tyme?
ChincooBee: Well, on weekends, it’s either there is an owanbe to attend or I hang out with my friends or better still sleep cos that’s the only time I have to rest. I spend all Sundays in church activities.
leXHansplaCE: All well and gud… Colours? Your favourite?
ChincooBee: Navy blue.
leXHansplaCE: Favourite meal?
ChincooBee: Hmmm I love poundo yam especially with Efo or ogbono…
leXHansplaCE: Am surprised u like a male colour and you prefer poundo… N not the usual pink/ icecreams and junk ladies love.
ChincooBee: Lol. I just had to mention a color. That was what came to my mind. Though I like it but I ain’t tripping. I love colours that suite me.
leXHansplaCE: Brave choice I must confess.
ChincooBee: Well 🙂
leXHansplaCE: Some say you are proud and kinda snubby…. How tru Is this?
ChincooBee: Ahahahahahaha are you teasing me or what?
leXHansplaCE: Not teasing….Are u? Yes or No?
ChincooBee: I don’t think am any of those. Well, someone is yet to say I am so until then:|
leXHansplaCE: Ok… Can I get to know the name of your fabric accessories, hopefully I’l get a special delivery of your works?
ChincooBee: I thought I already answered you, Chincobee Accessories… At your service..
leXHansplaCE: Hope I’ll get it all for free….?
chincobee lexhansplace

ChincooBee: lolz, What do you want? And what do you need it for?
leXHansplaCE: As a lady fabric designer, surely you ‘ll know what suits a man… Anything fashionable from Chincobee Accessories…
ChincooBee: Ok then.. A Bow-tie and pocket square will do.
leXHansplaCE: Aiit, Can you give contact details for those who want your product and will like to reach you for a service or more… Number or Internet link, anyone …
ChincooBee: Twitter: @chincobee IG: @chincobee FB: Bisola Chinco Bakare Blog: Whatsapp: 08070816467
leXHansplaCE: And to cap it all, say a word or two to upcoming ladies who’ll b fixed managing a career as yours…. 
ChincooBee: Well for ladies who might wanna make a career in one way or the other, they should follow what they really want for themselves and they shouldn’t be intimidated. The bottom line is to start first, be determined and with hardwork, we will all get there.
chincobee lexhansplace

leXHansplaCE: And last up say them shout out to a few friends of yours?
ChincooBee: Shout out to all my online blogosphere friends…You guys are amazing!!!. I hope to meet y’all someday. Thanks for the love and support
leXHansplaCE: thank you very much Bisola Bakare for your time.. We @leXHansplaCE do appreciate..
ChincooBee: Thanks for having me atleast for recognising. Wish you the best as well.

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

IamNigerian, iBlog, iCreate, iPlan, iPromote & iAdvertise

Welcome to my escape. Read through my posts and do have yourself a good time.


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  1. lex u go just dey interview only ladies abi? God dey watch u in 3d…


  2. tnx anonymous, she sure is a true example of goal driven……. combining all she does is way heavy but am glad she does so…

    tnx for stopping by my blog today… not to worry, its a graduall tin, and wit tym sure the male folks will get a shot at it…

  3. Chincobee, you don reach here, Choi, see how she dey dodge question for question.

    To the interviewer nawaooo, you sef come dey ask ,
    Twas a nice interview tho. Keep it up

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