Liebster Blog Award 2015..

Liesbster Blog Awards.

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Goodmorning my wonderful country people and all round the world…
Yesterday being sunday, I got nominated for the Liebster Blog Award 2015..
The said Award is an award that bloggers give to other bloggers as a way of appreciating the work of other bloggers alike..
And as such I want to thank Chanpreet Kaur of Featuring Heroes for nominating me.
This tells me my work is recognized well..
Well here are the questions she asked me and here are the answers I gave to them all…
(Am Nigerian and some of my answers go with my roots and location).
Enjoy below..
01.What is your travel destination for 2015?
Lagos, Nigeria..
02.What gets you out of bed every morning?
Phone calls, Alarms and Study..
03.Who are the top 5 people you would invite for dinner (whether they are still alive or not)?
Mum, (R.I.P), My Dad, My Sisters (5 of them, I love them all so much as
I have no brother).My Girlfriend and My very good friend in Lagos by
the name Deji..
04.What is your favourite book?
None really, any book that speaks success.
05.What is a secret talent of yours?
Secret talent will remain secret to me…Lol..
06.Summer or winter?
07.Sweet or savoury?
08.What do you think of when you think of FEATURING HEROES ?
09.What is your favourite quote?
Never take anyone for granted, No matter how small you see them.. (My quote)..
10.What is your best dinner party recipe?
party recipe….. I can’t remember the last time I went or had a dinner
party.. I think anything good should do… (I hardly party but not
11.What according to you is the best way of gathering traffic for your blog ?
Social Media does the magic for me..
I’l do a nomination of my best blogs and put a compiled list in here and share for all….
*Blogger blogs I see that is good and inspires me*..
and i will put up a list of questions you need to also answer and then follow up and nominate your own list of bloggers..

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

IamNigerian, iBlog, iCreate, iPlan, iPromote & iAdvertise

Welcome to my escape. Read through my posts and do have yourself a good time.


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