I was nominated, Now I nominate You… (4 more to be updated)

liebsters award lexhansplace
And I got nominated by a wonderful blogger for the usual Liebster award…. ‘An award were you recognise other bloggers alike and give meaning and exposure to there works….
And I just answered all the questions I was given… Working on getting my own questions up and ready and also recognise some bloggers with good work and content…
Here is a link to the answers to the questions I was asked.
And here is a link to my nomination by FeaturingHeroes..
Now here are my own questions…
1. Why do you blog?
2. What do you think of my blog?
3. Do you blog full or part time?.
4. Is there any blog on my niche you find better than mine?
5. Would you go out of your way just to meet and see me face to face/one on one?
6. Success or Failure? Which one scares you the most?
7. Will you go on a date with me? (Male or Female –No Homo).
8. Mention/Write the name of your best friend in full.
9. Are you single or married?
10. Your best Moment in life?.
11. Your Worst Moment in life?.
Now here is the deal…. Answer these questions of mine… Republish a post of this nature and nominate your own 11 blogs you feel deserve recognition and notify them as well….
liebsters award lexhansplace

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