Step by Step rules to make your MARRIAGE a HAPPY one.

Make your Marriage a Happy One.

1. Find your partners most loved pet name and address him/her by that.

2. Permit him/her practice his power ‘however the man more’ as the family’s leader. 
3. Try not to test your partner when harmed. 
4. Be noiseless when your partner is irate. You can backpedal to them when they are calm with expression of remorse and clarify why you carry on that way that irritated him/her. 
5. Rush to say ” I am sorry dear”. At whatever point u annoy your partner, demand his/her pardoning and kiss them when they overlook you with ‘the adage’ does. 
6. Talk great of your partner before his/her companions and kin. 
7. Honor your partners Parent and as such he/she will do same for yours.
8. Surprise your partner with there most loved dish/feast particularly when they have no enough cash within reach. 
9. Try not to permit house keeper to serve your man nourishment when you are at home, in light of the fact that you may lose him to them. 
10. Give your partner a warm gathering with a grasp when back from the days work, gather their gear and help un-fabric them too.
11. Grin when u takes a gander at your partner and give back to your partner periodic advantages when u are out socially. 
12. Commend your partner before your youngsters. 
13. Wash your partners back while in the tub or shower. 
14. Put affection note in his/her pocket or handbag. 
15. Telephone your partner randomly when they are not close-by and let them know they are being missed.
16. Dial his/her number and on hearing “hi” simply say to him/her “I adore you”.
17. In the event that your partner is an open figure or government official, delicately wake them at the early hours of the morning and get them sentimented to the point of interest. Trust me they won’t be lured by some other lady/man that day. 
18. Let your partner know that you are so fortunate to have them as your spouse/wife. 
19. Give your partner an embrace for reasons unknown. 
20. Acknowledge God for the Man/Woman of your life. 
Actualize these for it brings solidarity/love. 
Esteem your spouse/wife on the grounds that you might not have the additional opportunity to cherish him/her. Go to God to ensure him/her. 
On the off chance that u rehearse all these, your spouse/wife will be reluctant to undermine you, regardless of the fact that he/she his brain won’t be very still. 
On the off chance that your spouse/wife is as of now undermining u, start to hone these and u will win him/her back. 
Support it with supplications to God in light of the fact that nothing is incomprehensible for God. 

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

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