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A great deal of times we get let some know certain words and we trust it closes there as just words…

Yet it has more significance than it ever uncovered to man..

Here I will run you through simply my 10 words…. Its goods and bads prove to be useful..

The most narrow minded 1 letter word – I – maintain a strategic distance from it.

The most fulfilling 2 letter word – We – use it.

The most harmful 3 letter word – Ego – execute it.

The most utilized 4 letter word – Love – esteem it.

The most satisfying 5 letter word – Smile – keep it.

The quickest spreading 6 letter word – Rumor – overlook it.

The most focused 7 letter word – Success – accomplish it.

The most fortunate 8 letter word – Jealousy – be separate from  it.

The most intense 9 letter word – Knowledge – procure it.

The most key 10

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

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