Are you together?


Goodafternoon LeXHansplaCE perusers…

and the weekends just ended… and the new week begins as usuall for us all…. busy for some, and not busy for others… yet i want us to digest on this little post of togetherness.

***Are you together?***

Also, you ponder and ask yourself what life is about…

I’l let you know.. Its basic that you recall that we all resulted in these present circumstances world separately yet we’ll go independently too… However, there comes a need to recollect that we have to show love and backing to individuals around us..

Like the Horses in the photo above… Get together, Put heads together and make life simpler for yourselves. Yes that is the thing that life is about..

We know atyms individuals hurt us so severely we need to get over it so quick yet we need to hurt them, however ask yourself… Will you ever pardon yourself if you somehow managed to hurt them back for harming you? The answer is NO..

So set aside time to mix in, and be the bolster a sibling, a brother or a sister needs and without a doubt there will be no requirement for hurt and emotional seizes…

Do have a superb week…

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  1. Togetherness is defintely important, and I agree with you that in spite of a natural desire to hurt those who hurt as a way to get justice, it doesn't really make us better, and may actually saddle us with guilt instead. Thanks for sharing.

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