Its Harmattan and see why I love this season.

Just a short one for the day… Well, it’s the HARMATTAN season in this part of the world. (Proudly Nigerian). And it is usually characterized by HOT days and very COLD nights.
If there’s anything I love the season for, it has to be LAUNDRY. (How I can wash just about any clothing “denim jeans” for example at say right now and can be sure of wearing it out in the next 10 to 30minutes times… Lol, that’s some cool reason right?
As much as I love the Harmattan weather/season I also have a lot of things I hate about it.
What I hate about the weather are listed as follows.
1. It gives me dry lips. Investing in lip gloss is going to be a really good idea. Lol
2. It gives me a crying face filled with tears. Investing in handkerchief is also a good idea. Lol
3. It gives me wet legs and palms. Investing in hand gloves and socks/stockings is also a good one.
4. It gives me loads of dust on clothes and items. Needing me to wash steadily. Investing in Soap/Detergent and other washing agents is definitely a good one too.
5. Ehmmmm, which other one can I remember? Uhum… I so don’t like the very cold icy nights where if you are a 1 (I mean the single guys and ladies in house) you get to feel the true meaning of the word lonely. Investing in relationships are the best ones for this I say.
6. At this juncture I stop mine and ask that you add you own….
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  1. No Harmattsn in Lagos yet, well I love the season that's why my skin radiates and glows. Eeerm gift did you say your skin glows during Harmattsn season?

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