Haba !!! Are you this stingy or selfish?

Humans they say can be funny!!!… Yet they prove and claim to be smart….Its a common act of us humans to play smart when we need favours from fellow humans but play deaf when the same fellow humans need our help..

Yes leXhan said it… I did it sometime ago, but I know I had to put a stop to it as I noticed it ridiculed me in front of people…
But the question is Why? How? When? Where?
Ok, I’ll tell you with examples…
As a blogger, I know loads of times I write some articles of mine ‘Xclusive’ and sometimes general news and gossips….
Now here is the issue…
1. I write an anrticle ans share it via BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc… And You, You and You don’t read it, don’t share it rather u just ignore my post…
2. I send links for my facebook page FACEBOOK and ask You, You and You to go like my page.. Yet you don’t.
3. I send the link to my twitter handle TWITTER and ask You, You and You to please go follow my handle, Yet you don’t.
4. I invite friends via facbook to like FACEBOOK but some decline..
5. I post on different media and you see, read them yet you can’t even click the like button or even to share..
6. I put up Paid items and you don’t respond or reply, but when I put up freebies, you rush to enjoy them n varnish when its finished.
7. I seek help for something from you that requires cash, you tell me stuffs like, ‘I broke die, I no get cash for hand, my ATM no good, my bank get issue, the money at hand is just for t-fair or some silly excuses.
8. I ask for knowledge from you on something yet you don’t give an atom of it..
9. I seek help via words of encouragement from You, You and You, yet you get stingy with your words… Haba!!!
I can go on and on, but when you have something you need help with you remember that I exist right?
C’mon give yourself a break and be real… I live a life of 50:50…
Now after reading this and you don’t share it… Then I’l know you are more than stingy or selfish.
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*Signed: leXHan..

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

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  1. Eehn, I tire for some people. You will
    have loads of friends yet u will see just one comment on the blog. I have decided to careless about it

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