#2025 will birth #2428. Dats d trend.

#2025 will birth #2428. Dats d trend.
Can’t wait…. ‎ loads of questions will come for this with loads of answers but the answers will all stay on a low for now till it births…
Anyways…. let’s digest on this till then… but for now…’let’s see those who can decipher the #tags n all…’
*join up, it’s still the love month, and it’s her month, and also my month…. Love in the AIR*…

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  1. lex at 28 you look so so young that i will gladly wana take you for mine o…. hahahah, not to worry, i will not steal you away from your woman,besides i know how much you love her that i will only try and not succed… you both look cute together and are a beautiful couple too… nice space between you both… 24 n 28… n happy birthdays to u both..

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In giving, We receive. Happy Valentine.

Happy Birthday BAE.