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In this very interview, lexhansplace had the chance to speak up and ask a few questions of Miriam Umunnakwe Chinonso, the owner of Mimisdiary blog and as you can always expect, we got the chance to ask a few questions and get answers alot of you have been itching to ask or know about her. Plus did i forget to mention, she is such a warm person with a large heart and charming smile to go with..
Read more of the interview below after the cut.. (NOTE: ITS AN EXCLUSIVE AND ONLY HERE ON leXHansplaCE)…enjoy.
leXHansplaCE: Introduce yourself to lexhansplace and the rest of the world… tell us your name.

Mimisdiary: Ok, My name is Umunnakwe Miriam Chinonso

leXHansplaCE: You sound eastern from your name so tell me, what side of d east are u from?

Mimisdiary: I’m from Njaba L.G.A of Imo state

leXHansplaCE: Ok then, since you are from the east and from your name Chinonso!!! Tell lexhansplace a little about your family and sibs.

Mimisdiary: Ok, We are 4 in the family. Dad, mum, sister and me, am the last in the family, Just two girls no boy

leXHansplaCE: Wow, just 2 kids and that’s two ladies…

Mimisdiary: Yes

leXHansplaCE: So then let’s see my many questions to get answers from you… Tell me a little about yourself in the aspects of life and what you do for a living.

: Am a 500 level student of Federal University of Science Technology, Owerri, Imo State. studying Industrial physics, Am a fashion designer in the making {still in the learning process} and a good actress.

leXHansplaCE: A lot in one person, So tell me how u are able to manage all that in one pis.

Mimisdiary: I started learning fashion designing during my six months industrial training last year, Though am not through but would major into that once I graduate from school. I act in school drama, and few video clips. I also blog, Each of these things have their own time,

leXHansplaCE: That brings me to the side of the fashion designing and blogging… what inspired them both with the fact that you study industrial physics… isn’t it going to be a hard task for you.
 Mimisdiary: Fashion designing is one of my passions, studying physics was never my thing from the onset, i want to be an entrepreneur, blogging helps me communicate with people and after graduation I might not further into physics rather I will just follow my dreams and passion.

leXHansplaCE: Ok, Tell me a little more about your blog, when you started blogging, what’s your niche and what inspired the blogging thing.

Mimisdiary: Miimi’s diary is a blog about inspiration, lifestyle, news, weddings and lots more, I started blogging July 2014 actually a friend who own a blog inspired me.

leXHansplaCE: Wonderful… when most females blog down here in Nigeria, some say there are a few people they look up to in blogging, so tell me who you look up to aswell.

Mimisdiary: But when I started blogging, I fell in love with the need to communicate various information to others, Hmmm I don’t really have a particular blogger I look up to. But I have bloggers whom I love visiting their site.

leXHansplaCE: You mind mentioning a few you visit that gives you value for your time?

Mimisdiary: Linda Ikeji’s blogging story inspired me, expecially when am about giving up on blogging and so many others like, Amaka of Heart Rays, Gloria of Trendy Living Blog, Lexhansplace, Chincobee Accessories Blog, Blogoratti, Kemi filani and lots more.

leXHansplaCE: Well well well, here you mentioned good ones, and yes I visit them from time to time aswell… aww!! I also know you visit mine as well (thanks).. So let’s move and talk personal now… Tell us your status…

Mimisdiary: Sorry what status *pensive* ?

leXHansplaCE: Your personal status as a lady na…. hahahahahahah, or is there more status you wanna share?
 Mimisdiary: Lolz Am not married

leXHansplaCE: If you aren’t married, are you single? If single, are you searching or searchable?

Mimisdiary: Lol

leXHansplaCE: U tell us

Mimisdiary: Am single

leXHansplaCE: Searching?

Mimisdiary: And am not searching, I was told that ladies don’t really need to search, leave the searching to the guys. Lol

leXHansplaCE: Ok…. there you all have heard it exclusively from here… SHE IS SINGLE and NOT SEARCHING… There is this believe that ladies who study same as you and combine the tasks you combine are always good in something of a female nature, I want to know… what stands you out from other females and makes you so unique?

Mimisdiary: That’s a big one.

leXHansplaCE: U tell me.

Mimisdiary: I think what makes me stand out from others, hardwork and determination, Anything I set my mind in doing I try to do the best of it even when I fail at it I keep trying.

leXHansplaCE: But 90percent of people say the same thing, wouldn’t you want to say something different or is that the real deal?

Mimisdiary: Being focused, The real deal is God’s backup.

leXHansplaCE: Now you have spoken in ways that shows focus and authority… God over everything…

Mimisdiary: He designed me, he knows what’s best for me, Yes God over everything.

leXHansplaCE: Is there anything about your growing up you want to share with us?
Mimisdiary: No, Can’t think of what to share except the fun part of my childhood,  How playful Miimi was … Playful, vibrant and chubby me.

leXHansplaCE: These are cool ways I sopoz of growing u.

Mimisdiary: Yeah.

leXHansplaCE: As we wrap this up… is there any one special person you want to make that shout out to… one person or let’s say persons…

Mimisdiary: Am grateful for each experience both the good and bad, Learning process.

leXHansplaCE: Anyone to shoutout to?

Mimisdiary: The one person is my friend Joyce Ihesie, she always gives me inspiration, and she is the one friend I share my burdens with. And my number one man God almighty.

leXHansplaCE: Ok… a quick one, tell us how to visit your blog?

Mimisdiary: You can visit my blog on

leXHansplaCE: You are social as the world of today is, so how can people reach out and connect with you on social media? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest?

Mimisdiary: Facebook : Umunnakwe Miriam Chinonso, Instagram: Miimii_diary or miimisdiaryweddings Twitter @miimis_blog or @mimichinonso

leXHansplaCE: Nice one… One last word to everyone reading this..

Mimisdiary: Love you all. And remember Excellence is not being the best, but doing the best, Thanks for reading.

leXHansplaCE: Thank you very much for having us and sharing so much about yourself, assion, academics and so on… and from leXHansplaCE (it’s goodnight and all the best) …..
Mimisdiary: You welcome.

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

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