Up Close and Personal with Miimisdiary…

In this very interview, lexhansplace had the chance to speak up and ask a few questions of Miriam Umunnakwe Chinonso, the owner of Mimisdiary blog and as you can always expect, we got the chance to ask a few questions and get answers alot of you have been itching to ask or know about her. Plus did i forget to mention, she is such a warm person with a large heart and charming smile to go with..
Read more of the interview below after the cut.. (NOTE: ITS AN EXCLUSIVE AND ONLY HERE ON leXHansplaCE)…enjoy.
leXHansplaCE: Introduce yourself to lexhansplace and the rest of the world… tell us your name.

Mimisdiary: Ok, My name is Umunnakwe Miriam Chinonso

leXHansplaCE: You sound eastern from your name so tell me, what side of d east are u from?

Mimisdiary: I’m from Njaba L.G.A of Imo state

leXHansplaCE: Ok then, since you are from the east and from your name Chinonso!!! Tell lexhansplace a little about your family and sibs.

Mimisdiary: Ok, We are 4 in the family. Dad, mum, sister and me, am the last in the family, Just two girls no boy

leXHansplaCE: Wow, just 2 kids and that’s two ladies…

Mimisdiary: Yes

leXHansplaCE: So then let’s see my many questions to get answers from you… Tell me a little about yourself in the aspects of life and what you do for a living.

: Am a 500 level student of Federal University of Science Technology, Owerri, Imo State. studying Industrial physics, Am a fashion designer in the making {still in the learning process} and a good actress.

leXHansplaCE: A lot in one person, So tell me how u are able to manage all that in one pis.

Mimisdiary: I started learning fashion designing during my six months industrial training last year, Though am not through but would major into that once I graduate from school. I act in school drama, and few video clips. I also blog, Each of these things have their own time,

leXHansplaCE: That brings me to the side of the fashion designing and blogging… what inspired them both with the fact that you study industrial physics… isn’t it going to be a hard task for you.
 Mimisdiary: Fashion designing is one of my passions, studying physics was never my thing from the onset, i want to be an entrepreneur, blogging helps me communicate with people and after graduation I might not further into physics rather I will just follow my dreams and passion.

leXHansplaCE: Ok, Tell me a little more about your blog, when you started blogging, what’s your niche and what inspired the blogging thing.

Mimisdiary: Miimi’s diary is a blog about inspiration, lifestyle, news, weddings and lots more, I started blogging July 2014 actually a friend who own a blog inspired me.

leXHansplaCE: Wonderful… when most females blog down here in Nigeria, some say there are a few people they look up to in blogging, so tell me who you look up to aswell.

Mimisdiary: But when I started blogging, I fell in love with the need to communicate various information to others, Hmmm I don’t really have a particular blogger I look up to. But I have bloggers whom I love visiting their site.

leXHansplaCE: You mind mentioning a few you visit that gives you value for your time?

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