My Dog LOVE…

*Note: post made few months ago but decided to post now.*
lexhansplace n ruppy
I n Ruppy (Bull)
lexhansplace n dova

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I n Dova (Cauc)
Ok, I decided to have a one time play with my friends dog… I love dogs a lot I sometimes want one but not at the moment though as I will prepare to have one when am fully ready to give it all the attention it needs to grow properly…
Two different breeds they are…
1. Caucasian/German-Shepherd
2. Bullmastiff

lexhansplace n dogs 1

lexhansplace n dogs 2

lexhansplace n dogs 3

lexhansplace n dogs 4

lexhansplace n dogs 5

lexhansplace n dogs 6

lexhansplace n dogs 7

lexhansplace n dogs 8

lexhansplace n dogs 9

These are dogs I play with and spend some quality time with… ‘don’t forget they aren’t mine’ but sometimes the way I play with them, feed them, clean them up, you will conclude they are mine.. 
Anyways straight up to the post… I had a little fun-time with them and took some snaps and also a short video with them to share with all..
So tell me, what’s your love for Dogs..
Share the love and tell me your take on Dogs..
*Note: the Bull-mastiff is dead… (R.I.P Ruppy)…
*Pictures and Video was taken using my BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone… *
*the Video will be up as soon as I set-up my youtube account…*

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  1. I think Bull Mastiff's are really nice looking dogs but their size makes me a little nervous! I love Black Labs and Maltipoo's. 🙂

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