Magical benefits of Cucumber,

Cucumbers or *Cucumis sativus* are low-calorie vegetable that contains many nutritional benefits, such as hydrating properties and valuable nutrients. Cucumbers are good sources of phytonutrients like flavonoids, lignans and triterpenes, and the cucumber is also a good source of vitamin A which is perfectly good for the human eye.

The greenish or yellowish plant with half it’s content WATER, yes water it is and that gives it an edge above other plants that it serves alot apart from being good for consumption in meals.

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Alot of benefits come along the way for all who eat cucumber…Let’s see a few of its richness below as researched and gotten from far and wide…

Cucumber helps in revitalizing human skin‎ as it rejuvenates, and helps treat open pores as-well as reverse skin tanning.

Cucumber does alot of good on ones eyes as during massage, slices of cucumber are placed on ones eye to clear dark skin colours a whole lot of other unwanted items.

It aids digestion and helps in keeping the renal system well, not forgetting its great help in relieving constipation.

Very medicinal and helpful to diabetic patients.

Serves a good measure as a very good cancer preventive.

Serves as a good detoxifying agent.

A slice of cucumber every morning and night helps keep you fresh…and a full sucker of cucumber can serves up liquid content for your body.

Do you have more health benefits of cucumber? Please share with us below.

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