Interview with Miriam Ernst of Be-Sparkling BLOG.

We get to meet various set of people day in day out as we connect and network with people on social media and i was opportuned to meet up with a warm and friendly travel blogger by the name Miriam Ernst. A German who loves to travel a lot and we took time out to get a few questions answered and here it came out wonderfully well.

Read through the travel life of another seasoned traveler.


Lets get to meet you, so tell me, what is your name?

Miriam Ernst

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Where are you from?



 Are you married or single? 



Do you have kids? If yes… how many are they? 

No I don’t.


What was upbringing like for you as a person?

A lot of love and adventures with my family! But also hard moments during school.

Traveller or Tourist, which should people address you as? 

Traveller please. I think a traveller tries to experience the place more than a tourist does and also cared for the country you travel to.

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What is your blog name and link?

It’s called Be-Sparkling:


Why choose travel blogging from every niche out there? Passion or Influence? 

Absolute Passion. I flew the first time in an airplane when I was only 6 months old. I think I got the wish to see the world from my mom! But I do not only write about Travel, but also about Fashion and Lifestyle.


Tell me a little about your travel experience?

Well I took the first plane when I was barely 6 months old, the love for travelling I got from my mom and since then it is only getting worst. I am trying to travel at least once a month and some day trips around the area where I live. I love to see new things, meet new people and learn about different cultures.


Solo travel or travel with companions, which is best to you? 

I am not a big solo traveller. For a weekend trip okay, when it is longer I only travel with someone. You don’t have to be at all times together, but it is nice to take on adventures together.


Who do you miss the most when you travel? 

Probably my family, but as I am living in different countries I am missing them at all times!


Tell me your very best meal on travels and why? 

My very best is difficult, but I really LOVE LOVE LOVE the dumplings from the cheapest one Michelin star restaurant in Hong Kong Din Tai Fung.

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Which goes for you? Coffee or Tea? 

Both! Depends on the moment and mood I am in. In Summer more coffee in winter more tea 😉


Which country from your travel lists has the best of the question above? 

For coffee Bali was a great experience! They have this amazing coffee where a cat-similar animal ‘The Luwak’  eats the red been, digests them and after this process what is left of the been is used for coffee making – delicious but also one of the most expensive coffees in the world!


Which country from the countries you have visited has the friendliest people? 

I am in love with Italians! That is also why I want to go back to live there one day for sure ! But Indonesian people are super friendly too!


How many countries have you visited? 

Mention a few of the countries you have been to. Good questions, something more than 25 for sure p.e. Philippines, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, Egypt, USA, Mexico, France, Portugal, Italy, …


Your scary moment from your travels you want to share with me? 

When the police got called in Hong Kong because I had pepper spray with me in the cabin bag … I wrote a full post about this, I was scared as hell as I had no idea what the worst case could have been….

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What is your most embarrassing moment as a traveller? 

Probably the same as above, bringing pepper spray to a country that could get you in prison for these kind of things…


The longest you have stayed away from home? 

Depends what home is. In the last 7 years I was living ‘home in Germany’ only for 6 months.


What’s that best travel advice you have ever received from people when on travels? 

And from who in particular gave you this advice? I don’t remember any travel advice in particular at the moment, but if I’d have to give you my best advice, it would be to enjoy the moment and don’t plan too much ahead. On site you always meet people and get new tips and ideas and if you’re not flexible enough to change your trip you might miss out on the best thing of the full trip!


The worst travel advice you ever gotten on travel and from whom? 

Same as above, I don’t  recall any ‘worst’ advice…


If you were to choose from your visited countries, which of them will you want to live in? 

I am a total Italy fan! I have already been living there for 5 years and one day soon I’ll go back and live my life there! I just love the energy and way of life of the Italians!


What’s your fondest childhood travel memory? 

Every year when we went to some amazing beach, my dad worked a full day in creating a sand castle for us to play with. But not just a sand castle as you guys know them, but a place we could actually play IN. 1,5 meters deep and some meters long, just like a one-room apartment! Amazing !


What is the farthest destination you have ever been to? 

Philippines… and they are soooo beautiful!


Do you send post cards when away from home? 

I usually don’t. I prefer to bring some small gift from the places I have been to, but I am really bad with that too!


Hot or Cold, what’s your best weather for travel destinations? 

Absolutely hot!


Which country tops your wish list of next travels? 

Cuba! I am too afraid of missing the original Cuba that I have to go there this year.


Here is one I like to ask a lot, tell me your Travel Bag-pack, Can you reveal what and what you take along for your travels? 

I am not a backpack traveller, so my Bag is pretty similar to a normal tourist. A phone is a must, a good book to read, Bikini, a high heel and dress (I love to go out at night), some sporty clothing for the more adventurous trips and a good camera or extra battery for the phone! All the rest can be found on site if needed.


As a travel blogger and a person, how can people get to interact with you, see images and videos of your travels. Do you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Can you share your social links so people can connect with you? 

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There are different ways to interact with me and I am always happy to answer all types of questions.
First my blog, where you can directly contact me in private or comment your questions under every blog post.



Any word of advice for other travel bloggers out there?

As I said before, enjoy the moment and be flexible when travelling! You never know when you meet the best travel companions or get the tip for THE best location.


Thank you for sharing your wonderful travel experiences with me on leXHansplace. 

Thank you for inviting me, I hope your readers will enjoy my answers and adventures!

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  1. Travel bloggers are awesome and it's always nice to get to know them especially since they have a lot to share about the world and the places they've been to. I think she's awesome! What a nice interview.

  2. You are living life to the fullest! It's very inspiring seeing someone do so. Lovely pictures and I can tell that you're definitely having a great time living life the way you desire. I love your picture with the monkey. lol Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm Filipino. Good to hear you've visited the Philippines.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!

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