Wierd but true about me.

It’s Wierd but true about me as the title says, but I don’t really know where to start from as this is actually a random post…
1. Am Male.
2. Am Anthony by name. Also call me Alexander or Obianuju.
3. LeXHansplaCE is the name of my blog… yes!!! This blog you are reading now.
4. I love football but don’t play football. Why? I hate Injuries and scars.
5. I love Music. What Genre you may ask? Soul/RnB/Hip-pop/Afro.
6. I love feminine colours. You want to know them? Pink/Lemon/Scarlet/ and I love Brown/Grey/Blue.
7. I love food. ‘who doesn’t? 
8. I love gadgets. ‘phones/laptops/any device of the new age technology will do.
9. I love dogs but I don’t have one yet.
10. I love movies. Type? Sci-Fi, Action, Adventures and Africans along with Comedy.
11. Am a passionate person.
12. I love Honesty and detest Lies.
13. I love friends but don’t have much. Yes I can actually count the friends I have. 2 or less.
14. I don’t visit people. Some say it’s arrogance and pride but I say it’s just lifestyle.
Tell me a few Weird and Truth about yourself….. ‎ 

*Happy New Week to all*.

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

IamNigerian, iBlog, iCreate, iPlan, iPromote & iAdvertise

Welcome to my escape. Read through my posts and do have yourself a good time.


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  1. I am Bolatito
    Owner of
    I am a beautiful and virtuous woman
    I am very lazy but I try too hard to over come
    I don't like leaving my comfort zone
    I don't like food
    I am very shy
    I prefer writing to talking cos I stammer

    What again, I don't discriminate

    Ohk bye

  2. I am Gloria Okaiman beautiful, multi-talented woman. My love for God is the secret of my glow, i am a first daughter, i am shy, i hate to get fat, I get noticed easily. Over to the next….

  3. What a random facts about you.

    Just like you do, I hate visiting. Maybe because am too busy with my system.

    I like food but i dont eat much.

    Internet to me, is a must in every minute of my life because I look sick without it.

    I talk much as I write as well. Though I prefer writing to talking because they are deep expression of my feeling, unlike talks.

    Its nice to know you brother. And happy to know the source of your blog name.

  4. I don't have many friends either but the friendships j do have are very deep and meaningful. I don't usually visit people unless I have, too. Haha.

  5. This was a great list to read! Very interesting and entertaining as well 🙂
    Well, I like to decorate and design single family houses but I would never live in them. I like visiting people but I don't like inviting them to my home.

  6. so nice to know more about you Lex… I thought your name is Lexter or something haha..
    Well, i think we share some things in common…I love your choice of music and movies and I also love sports but never get into one since I am not physically fit for those haha.. maybe I should do this on my blog someday hehe

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