Ovarian Cancer… did you know?

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Time over time we tend to ask a lot of questions to our HEALTH and when we do, we forget to ask the smallest and tiniest detail. and this brings to mind the issue of OVARIAN CANCER as we also discussed about another type of CANCER. please do try also to read about the BREAST/BLOSSOM CANCER.

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Same as every other disease and ailment, did you know that.!!! The Risk elements of OVARIAN CANCER are expanded by some of the few mentioned here: Age, Family history and Obesity
to mention but a few?. I bet you never knew of this. Right? now lets
get a little read in on it and see the dangers these 3 above pose to
human health.

Danger of ovarian growth increments with age of the lady


1 in every 20 ovarian cancer patients are the consequence of heredity, as a few
disease we know of today are moved or carried on from generation to
generation due to one faulty gene or the other passed on from the parent to offspring and here is one that falls into that lot.


It is clearly stated and documented that women with higher body mass in pre-menopause has a higher risk of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

ALSO, Don’t forget that as concurred by specialists, the unmistakable
side effects of ovarian growth include: – determined pelvic and stomach
torment – expanded stomach size or diligent bloating – trouble eating
and feeling full rapidly.

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  1. Any kind of cancer scares me, it's not a disease that you can easily fight of, you're going to have to fight hard for your life once you have it. Thanks for the info on this one, I didn't know that ovarian cancer can originate from your genes.

  2. Hello! Thanks for sharing this information about Ovarian Cancer. Yes every women one can have a ovarian cancer, and sometimes we can't determine its major cause. That why it is advisable to keep track of our health, and have a health consultation check to know if we have or not.

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing this with us and linking to where we could read more. Helpful information. I for one am not obese and as far as I know, no one in my family has had it. However it's still good to be aware!


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