Who is a GRADUATE?

When I see graduates here cry of unemployment, I am not concerned. I become concerned when I see the kind of graduate crying.

What kind of graduate is he? An educated graduate or a certificated graduate?

Are we talking of a graduate who can defend his certificate or the one who can’t even pen a simple job application letter in simple English?

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Are we talking of a graduate who was taught but never learned, went to school but was never schooled,…?

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  1. I feel like it's more entitlement than anything else, graduates feel that since they have the 4 year degree they should automatically get a management role even if they do not have true real-world experience.

  2. I agree with Shantel. And on what can be done to correct this, I don't have a real suggestion because the issue is quite a complicated one. If one ignores the certificated, they'd resort to crime and blame it on the system for not providing them jobs, and when you point out their unemployment to the fact that they are not educated, they shove their certificates in your face thinking you were talking about their certificate when it's obvious that even certificates are being forged sometimes. And this is overlooking the fact that the certificated never attended classes or even sat for tests and exams. They always have a proxy they pay fees to to help them with all that exam and test thingy. *sighs.. I feel mentally drained from the issue. Ew!

  3. It's difficult entering the job field with no experience, right out of college, in a recession….people need to be prepared to take jobs not in their field just to put food on the table.

  4. This is a very interesting conversation to start especially since its political season where our future leaders will hopefully be ready and willing to listen to any changes that people want/need made if any.

  5. Getting a job is very difficult for everyone nowadays, and sometimes having a graduate certificate helps, but for some reason I find although I have a certificate, I still get the same results. Good take on this issue.

  6. I am not a graduate and though I am not proud of it, I am not ashamed of it either. I may not be a graduate but I earn more than my classmates who graduated. I live a life I am totally satisfied with and I enjoy every bits of it! 🙂

  7. Education is only one part of the story. I have a team of 8 people and with turnover I have to recruit regularly. While I do like to see a degree (or above) on a CV it is certainly not the be all and end all. Experience and attitude counts for so much more.

  8. Credentials are important, but nowadays much more comes into place to get a job. Education is just one part. I believe a lot of it is also personal preference of the employer. If you really like someone's personality, but they don't have the required credentials…It can be challenging to hire correctly.

  9. Definitely an interesting topic. Never thought about this this way before. You can't learn everything in school, but unfortunately you need to have a diploma in order to become somebody in this world. Sad actually!

  10. It's all about the context. A graduate where? Which school? etc. And which kind of subject/ course is very important as well. And besides, there are so many ways to learn things.. We learn every day!

  11. Even non graduates are successful in life! It is the attitude that matters often. But then for some some jobs being a graduate in true sense of the word matters… for example being a teacher.

  12. There's a quote — never let school get in the way of your education. I think motivation and drive matter more than degree. All about persistence 😀

  13. I'm not a graduate but I don't think it is about having a diploma or not, or if you learned something in school or not. A true graduate is someone who can survive in the adult world. Someone who knows how to make it. For me, that is what true graduate is. Diploma is just a piece of paper.

    xoxo, G

  14. I recently had the chance to interview someone who works in the labor field and we discussed how many unemployed graduates there are, and how they are really trying to encourage people to consider trades again, and not necessarily push everyone into an academic degree. I think it really makes sense to position trades as higher prestige – they can be really great careers.

  15. Your views on this issue are really insightful. Many of you pointed out education as a stepping stone and I am glad you did point out "education" instead of "certificate". Don't get me wrong. Certificates are nice since they are a result for a formal education but my point is most people get certificates they never even merited. They are the type who never really understood what was being taught but who got a certificate at the end of the day like everyone else simply because they know their way around greasing palms. I also agree with a number of people who mentioned that one does not really need a formal education to get ahead in life. That's true. But I hope we still remember what common sense means? I hope we can recall that with common sense to be able to piece two different patterns together, we can't really get ahead in life. Both formal and informal education are hinged on common sense. And this common sense is what money can't buy even though it can buy certificate most times. Now the thing is, those I prefer to call the certificated think having a certificate is the same thing as being educated.

    • a weird world we live in, having the certificates really has a little bearing to the present world, am glad alot of views on this goes down well with all of us on this.

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