Your Character is what matters…

beautiful they say truly has nothing to do with the physical appearance of a person in anyway, rather it’s your
character as a person that counts as it shows how you make and treat others around you feel about themselves.”

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  1. That's definitely true. There is nothing better than inner beauty and no physical beauty can outshine what's inside. Just like what's stated in the little prince, only in the heart can one truly see, what is beautiful is invisible to the eye.

  2. Having a good character is a key! Being a good person means more than just doing things for other people. You have to accept and love yourself before and than you can accept/respect and love others. We are "mirrors" – however it sounds… I hope our science will be able to prove it (in the future).

  3. I do agree that what's on the inside is far more important. Appearances are just that, they don't matter in the long run. Unless we speak of attraction here, or first impressions, what you look like is usually something relegated to the "unimportant" pile.

  4. I absolutely agree with this. Character is always more important. The way you treat yourself and others is a reflection of who you are. It also shows the kind of beauty you value. Looks aren't everything.

  5. I met different types of people throughout my life. And indeed, character is truly what matters most. What are you going to do with a degree if you don't even know how to respect other people and that you are too much proud of yourself? What are you going to do with wealth when you no longer know how to value true meaning of relationship?

  6. Real beauty is such a rare commodity these days. Sometimes I feel like we've forgotten what true beauty really is. We need to appreciate the truly beautiful people more.

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