I Miss my Mum BADLY

Its a New Month… Yes
Its my Mum’s Birthday… Yes

Wish she was here to celebrate her birthdqy and the new beginning wih me, but she’s no more, is it a Happy Beginning of a Month for me? Noooooo.

You left when things were getting better mum, You left without saying a word to me, You left me in this cold world to face life all by myself, You were a pillar of hope and survival to me and everyone who knew you. You were and will forever be EVERGREEN to me as the VACCUM you left has not been filled.

Continue to Rest in Heaven for I know you are watching over us (Dad n Sisters) from high above.

Greet Aunt Ndidi and everyone I have lost to Heaven for me.

Dad, Neche, Neze, Ndo, Chio, Ify and everyone misses you. I LOVE YOU.

May the blessings of the New Month be ours today and forever. Amen.

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

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  1. Mothers are the best. They somehow manage to keep being the guiding light that we all need regardless of how old we are! I'm sure your mum is watching over you. Keep living for her!

  2. What a nice dedication. I understand your sense of loss and being off balanced in the world. But here spirit and the lessons she taught you live on in you. I lost my mom two years ago and it is still hard today as well. But it gets better. Praying for you

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Happy Birthday Big SIS.