Finally In Nigeria: A Festival Exclusively For Fitness And Wellness.

It’s happening; the world is waking up to the need for not just a
beautiful body, but also a healthy one. Fitness is a journey and a
lifestyle, so it is only befitting to have a festival for such a
necessary activity of life.

FitFam™ Fest will be hosting the largest African comprehensive fitness festival on the 11th of December 2016, at the Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island Lagos.

The festival is bringing this holistic campaign to Lagos, and it would be the first of its kind. It is themed “Healthy Fun for Everyone”.
It is going to be a celebration of fitness and wellness attracting men,
women and children of all ages. Top notch trainers and fitness
enthusiasts will converge in one place to throw out an array of fitness
and beauty activities that would make Lagos the fitness capital of

This well thought out event will gather over 7,000 fitness pundits and
fans from different parts of the world, and also include International
and local fitness celebrities, who will be readily available to share
their experiences and wealth of knowledge regarding the ever-growing
fitness industry.

The Landmark Event Centre will for the first time be used to its full
capacity, where activities and games will be held inside the centre, at
the car park and the waterfront area.

For its first edition, FitFam™ Fest will have a showcase of 50+ Healthy
Food vendors, 50+ Fitness Exhibitors, 20+ Fitness Events, 10+ Fitness
and Wellness speakers, 50+ Fitness and Wellness Conference sessions and 5
Nutrition Chefs at the FitFam Nutrition Masterclass.

The Festival will have an assortment of gears, kits, apparatus and equipment to demonstrate various physical activities. The
activities will include Live Product Launch and Demonstrations on
Stage, FitFam Assault Obstacle Course, FitFam Strongman Car Pulling
competition, Strength and Agility Training classes, Health checks,
Fitness and Wellness Conference sessions, VIP After party, Mr. FitFam
2016 and Miss FitFam 2016 competitions, FitFam Ultimate Frisbee, Pickup
games and more. The would also be something for the kids: a Kids Arena
where age appropriate equipment and games will be available.

Being a part of the Fitfam Fest is your opportunity to meet with
consumers of all things Fitness, Fitness enthusiasts and industry
professionals. A chance to reach the lucrative fitness market, expand
your personal network and build meaningful business relationships that
will affect your bottom line positively!

Get ready to have a lot of fun as you start your “Journey to Fitness”!

FitFam™Fest 2016 is powered by UBA

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  1. Wow sounds like such a motivational event! ! Fitness is totally a life style choice, I agree. Consistancy is key! Oh I've just reminded myself on haven't worked out for a while! Ree love30

  2. This is fantastic, and such a step in the right direction of getting the awareness of health and fitness out there. So much is done on HIV&AIDS prevention but I think instilling wellness goals in individuals is a much more powerful approach.

  3. That is very unique kind of festival. People do need to be more aware of health and fitness. Such events need to promoted and you are doing a wise thing putting it in your blog.

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