Auto, Health, House? Why you need INSURANCE.

why you need insurance
I made a small preview into a post am working on for the topic INSURANCE & i gave my audience the opportunity to have there say on it all in reapect tofeaturing the opinions on the final work. Though answers came but am in need of more deep and wide opinions on it all. Here is a sneak peak through the previous post i made HERE . “With strong reason that insurance covers truth in actions and not delibrate damages created by individials with bad intentions to get these said fees or replacements from the various insurance firms”. and i asked these few quetions and got the following answers
1. How good are insurance shemes? 2. Of what use are insurance schemes? 3. Should people truly get covers for the real deal? 4. When delibrate damages occur, what do you suggest the insurance firms do?

Analesha L: Great post. Insurance is something I think everyone needs to have!
MomJonz: I agree, insurance is important to have.
Nimi Popat: This is such an amazing post. In today’s world we can’t live without it and still somehow we don;t know some basic aspects of it. Thanks for shedding the light on the matter.
She Joh: Interesting article, there is some good information.

Samantha Carraro: Great post! Informative and helpful! Such an important matter too.

Temitope A: Great post! Insurance is highly essential.

Kimberly caines: Great post. Insurance is essential. Though you might not always need it, that one time you do, you’ll be happy you have it. When in doubt…Always read the fine print and ask questions.

salwa kisswani: Insurance are really important.. especially travel insurances, although I wish I could find something that would offer full protection.. I still got my ass half saved twice with travel insurances.. I wish there was an insurance company that would cover ALL not half or partial.

Tania Potter: Insurance is one of those things you don’t always see the point of until something bad happens. It seems like a waste of money every month but it can be a life saver when that big unaffordable thing goes wrong.

Travel Pockets: Insurance is good to have, but I do think that it’s kind of a scheme. It’s just something you need to have tho.

ana de jesus: There are times where I have suffered because I did not have insurance and now I have learnt from my mistakes. It is important to be insured.

bluedreamer27: Insurances are very necessary because no one can ever tell what will happen to you or your property in the future… accidents on the first place may occur in your most unexpected time and place.. so better insure yourself or your property to prevent yourself from such devastating outcome

subhadrika sen: Well, my patrents have insurance schemes but I have never taken up one. Im not too sure this is the time i would like to take an insurance but later in life once i start working I am open to insuring some e of my properties and assets.

Gabriela: Thanks for writing about this…Very informative.
Now with these few answers people have given. What are your thoughts on INSURANCE. From Auto to Health to House to every kind of INSURANCE there is out there. Have your say below and tell the world why you need INSURANCE.

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  1. More than anything else, I'm particular about life insurance. In today's world when a family relies on each other financially as well, like husband takes care of loans and children education, wife takes care of everyday expenses, rent etc. When one person dies, the other person shouldn't be in a financial trouble along with the emotional stress of the loss!!!

  2. Choosing hte right insuarance and insuarance company is not an easy task especially if you are not devoted on those matters. You never know what could happen so insuarance is a must.

  3. Insurance has been quite the topic in the US in the last several years when Obama passed his healthcare reform bill. I will say that some insurance companies would do thing like refuse to cover pre-existing conditions. That really is not fair to a person who say has a long-term medical issue and needs certain treatment. I think it's necessary and could also be done better in a lot of ways.

  4. I actually forget how important it is sometimes and because I'm not an adult yet, I'm lucky to educate myself on this theme before I do anything. Good one 🙂

  5. A friend of mine works for an insurance company and it's just quite amazing what benefits insurances can give depending on what it covers. I am not particular with the kinds of insurance but I once get a mutual fund thing, I just forgot about it. I have stopped temporarily due to financial problem but anyhow, I am looking forward to continue it back this year, hopefully. But sure that it is really essential for people to get covered simply because it is also considered as savings too.

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