People should know top 8 strong home remedies for whole life.

People should know top 8 strong home
remedies for whole life.
While you may know that by consuming foods we get all the
nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed by our body, certain fruits and
vegetables can boost your general health and alleviate most of minor
health-related problems such as common cold, bee stings or a rash. Many people
prefer home remedies to real medical care as they are usually safer and
cheaper.  Every year thousands of people
die because of medical negligence and other thousands who suffer from medical
conditions as a result of medical adverse effects. Missing a dose in your
regime for a health issue like hypertension or diabetes can lead to a serious
problem but what would happen if you forget to take your natural herb or
accidentally consume too much of it? Nothing serious would be noticed. They are
literally food that we add to our normal diet so you don’t have to worry about
its side effects.
8 strong home remedies for lexhansplace
Moreover, those home remedies are natural fruits and
vegetable so they are much cheaper than medicine which needs to be synthesized
plus doctor’s bill and health insurance. Though of course keep it mind that
home remedies could not solve all your health problems especially for those who
are severe or need surgical care. Otherwise, you can add top 8 following remedies to your house in case of necessaries.
1. Ginger
Ginger has been used by traditional Chinese medicine for
more than 2000 years. It is considered to be one of the most popular home
remedies because of its wonderful effect on human body.
First and foremost, ginger is helpful for your menstrual
cramps. It acts by either improving your blood circulation or reducing
inflammation in your muscles, especially in uterus cramp or relieving the
menstruation related pain. A study reported in Journal of Alternative and
Complementary shows that ginger was as strong as ibuprofen in killing the pain.
So next time if you suffer from an unbearable menstrual cramp, make a cup of
warm ginger tea and add some honey or sugar for better effect.
In addition, ginger is a potential ingredient to boost your
overall health as it contains many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
properties. It is effectively treating common cold or sore throat. You can
simply add ginger to your daily meals or chew a slice of ginger or drink its
tea and get benefits from it.
If you have a bad foot odor then ginger is an amazing
solution for you. What you need to do is juicing a piece of ginger then adds
them and a little salt to hot water tub. After that soak your feet in that
water for at least 20 to 30 minutes before going to bed. You can also apply
this method if you have cold feet during the winter time. It will work wonder.
2. Cucumber
Cucumber has been well-known and utilized for thousand years
as it work wonder in your beauty care. Laying 2 slices of cold cucumber over
your eyes is an age-old trick for reducing puffiness of your eyes. Since, 95%
of cucumber is water, it brings a cooling sensation and helps to constrict your
blood vessels around your eyes and reduce inflammation. So apply some cucumber
slices over your eyes and leave it there for about 10 minutes. You’ll be amaze
of your fresh looking eyes.  Recently,
cucumber is also used as a detox to your body. Slice a cucumber and add them
into a bottle. Pour water into that bottle and store it in a fridge for at
least 4 to 5 hours before drink.
3. Apple
Apples contain a soluble fiber called pectin that is useful
in absorbing stomach acid. Besides that, malic and tartaric acid in apples help
to prevent any gastric fluid that goes up to your esophagus. That’s why apple
is so great solution if you have a heartburn. Sweet apples work as alkaline
foods that enable your cells to restore balance in your pH and prevent GERD
consequently. So instead of taking foods rich in fat or soda, consume a slice
of apple (preferable as it contains fiber) or its juice for a healthy stomach.
4. Turmeric
Turmeric is used wisely in India to prevent infections and heal small wounds. Turmeric has
a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredient called curcumin. Curcumin
prevents bacterial multiplying so that you won’t get further infections as well
as promote healing process. You can make a paste from a ½ teaspoon of turmeric
and a drop of water. Apply this paste on your small cut or a superficial wound.
In case of continuous bleeding, you can simply apply its powder on the affected
area without water. Let it dry before dress your skin with a bandage.
5. Cranberries
Cranberries have a compound called proanthocyanidins that
acts as a barrier to your urinary tract from bacteria. Remember that
cranberries is only effective when you have no infection as it do not kill
bacteria or prevent it multiplying but keep bacteria away from attaching your
bladder walls. Consume a couple of glass containing 20% of cranberries juice as
prevention for urinary tract infection recurrence.
6. Calcium-rich foods
If you are among 85% of women who experience at least one of
the PMS symptoms such as mood swings, irritability during the menstruation
every month then foods high in calcium is for you. It has been proven that PMS
is associated with low level of blood calcium. That’s the reason why the
National Institutes of Health has recommended that on average, adults should
take 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day. You can either take calcium
supplement or consume calcium via fruits and vegetable like broccoli, almonds,
sardines and leafy greens.
7. Sea salt
Another great home remedy is sea salt. It contains think
grains that are helpful in clearing your dry skin. You don’t need to go to a
luxurious spa or use an expensive product for your rough elbows and heels. Just
mix a cup of sea salt with light massage oil into a paste form then scrub it
over your skin. Do not apply this mixture on a more sensitive region,
especially you face as it can damage your skin or cause irritation.
8. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is so popular and easy to find in your house but
it’s more that just a breakfast food. Oatmeal contains a number of
photochemical with a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It helps to soothe your
irritated skin and treat the inflammation. Grind a third of plain oatmeal cup
into fine powder. Then stir the powder in lukewarm bath with your bare hands
evenly and soak your body in that water. You can also apply directly a mixture
of oatmeal with water to your affected area to deal with eczema. Leave it there
for 10 minutes before you rinse it off by warm water.
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  1. When I have a cold I always drink ginger tea made by simply pouring hot water over fresh ginger. It always helps soothing the pain in the throat and ameliorate the cold symptoms. I didn't know that you can use it as an analgesic as well, that is very interesting. I also know about the great benefits of cucumber for the face skin. A lot of natural products use it as a main ingredient.

  2. I love the list. I really like cucumber. I always have cucumber in my fridge (I have a cucumber addicted guinea pig haha), so that's one I can do often. I've only had a ginger tea once. I really didn't like how that tasted. I should try to use ginger again. See if it goes better now. I really do love sea salt!

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