True friendship is like GOLD… How do you tell a friend their story isn’t good…

Every once in a while we have that one friend who we just want to speak to, that friend we can pour out our hearts and minds to. YET there comes a time they say something we know isnt true but we are in a cross road as to what to do and what not to do… 
How do you tell your very good friend that his or her story is not good?
How do you tell them that maybe they are lying and as such they shouldn’t have lied or exaggerated a simple small story into something else just to get attention?
How do you do this without hurting your friend, knowing fully well that you will end up hurting them if they finds out that you know the truth about the simple story turned massive story of theirs.
How do you do it without embarrassing him/her.
How well can you stand it all with your friend with the heat at the moment of the story telling?

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  1. Smiles…One thing in life that is so much important in maintaining a good friendship is TRUTH. Always be in position to tell the truth in whatever situation.

    I think if your friends had identified you with always been truthful, they will not dare to tell lies in your presence, and if they do, you will surely expose it. Though, you must do with politely.

    Don't rubbish your friends because he/she had just said something contrary to reality.

    How are you?

  2. Yes, this is a very difficult and awkward situation. Normally is to tel him/her that you know he/she is lying, but most of the times if you care for that person you found difficult to tell.

    • hahaha, now thats one good one as its better to signal dem but what if they dont understand the sign you give them and they just continue with the lies…?

  3. This is very delicate because the last thing you want to do is to hurt a friend but I think the best you can do is be sincere but choosing your words carefully.

  4. It's tricky but I still believe that honesty is the answer to everyhting. Everyone is strong enoug to hear the truth. Of course it can sometimes make one feel uncomfortable but in the end truth is always the best solution.

  5. Yikes, sticky situation. I honestly do not know how I would handle this situation. Thank goodness I've always had great, drama free friends. Wishing you the best in whatever you decide to do.

  6. I think i came across the same situation before.. for me, this is all depends on the way you approach the friend and also it will depends on the level of friendship you have…
    of course, you should always seek for a better way to approach your friend without offending or embarrassing him.. a choice of words will help!
    Secondly, if this is your true friend, he will not be offended that much because he should know that you are his friend and you want nothing but the best for him

  7. I can definitely agree with this sentiment – criticism is difficult to give and to receive, constructive or otherwise. I'm glad you have an open mind on this issue, and I know that have empathy is really the key to everything!

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