How do you see my “Blogs New Look”…

Okay, Here is a quick one, I know alot of you my wonderful and ever loyal readers are going to ask me a few questions about my blog.
Questions like, Lex why did you change you blog design? Lex why did you this? Lex why did you that? Well here is the thing, for those of you that have followed my blog very well from 2014 till now will know that i have always played around with various templates on my blog in response to giving the very best user experience to all my blog visitors, and to that effect i decided to go back this very blog template. The Magone Blogger Template, it gives it the very feel and experience i have always wanted for myself and for the viewers. 
Some will ask me, Is it really worth it? I will say YES. any blog that doesnt give me or my visitors the user friendly experience and responsiveness they desire is a NO for me. Though alot of other work is still been done behind the scenes to perfect the experience as i am still editing but like i always like to keep you guys in the KNOW of what i am into and upto. below are a few images i was able to screenshort of the experience on my Laptop and a few i got from my Tab aswell (WE ALL KNOW HOW TAB AND MOBILE EXPERIENCE SEEM SO MUCH ALIKE) and YES the mobile Experience is AWESOME.

"use strict"; var adace_load_5cb5f98a19a79 = function(){ var viewport = $(window).width(); var tabletStart = 601; var landscapeStart = 801; var tabletEnd = 961; var content = ''; var unpack = true; if(viewport=tabletStart && viewport=landscapeStart && viewport=tabletStart && viewport=tabletEnd){ if ($wrapper.hasClass('.adace-hide-on-desktop')){ $wrapper.remove(); } } if(unpack) { $self.replaceWith(decodeURIComponent(content)); } } if($wrapper.css('visibility') === 'visible' ) { adace_load_5cb5f98a19a79(); } else { //fire when visible. var refreshIntervalId = setInterval(function(){ if($wrapper.css('visibility') === 'visible' ) { adace_load_5cb5f98a19a79(); clearInterval(refreshIntervalId); } }, 999); }