How to Build a Fashionable Multi-panel Mirror

How to Build a Fashionable Multi-panel Mirror

Making your home uniquely beautiful does not have to dent your finances through expensive contractors and equipment. With a little creativity and the proper tools, you can make your home a paradise.
A multi-panel mirror in your living room adds that special beauty that your friends will want to copy. The best thing about it is that it is quite easy to do it yourself. Essentially, all you need is a few tools and small carpentry work from your local workshop, and you are good to go.
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The things you need

For this project, you need
• Mirror tiles which you can obtain at your local store. They need to be pre-cut, and all should have the same sizes.
• Wood glue – preferably Alcolin. This is what you will use to stick the mirrors in place.
• Panel pins
• Pine trim that will go between the mirrors. The pine trim should be thin.
• Saw to cut the wood with.
• BisonBord
• Pine to go around the frame
• Corner cramps
• Chipboard screws and drill-driver which you can obtain from BCDP.

The procedure

1. Arrange your pre-cut mirrors and the pine trim. Then lay all your mirrors on the floor and get the accurate measurements.
2. With the measurements you have taken, go to your local builders and have your board cut. You will need support framing at the back. Therefore, remember to have small sections prepared.
3. The next step is to screw the small sections together at the back of the board. Allow at least 5 mm in the space between the internal board and frame surround. This spacing will allow for the seamless fitting of the mirrors.
4. The frame surround pine needs to be a bit longer so that you can make use of the saw and the miter box for the mitered corners. After that, screw and glue the frame surround at the backboard you were working on earlier.
5. Use your saw again to cut the pine trim according to the right measurements.
6. To give the finished work a great look, use the metallic spray on the pine trim and frame surround. This will give the woodwork a distinctive look that is consistent with the mirrors.
7. Slowly place the mirrors and the pine trim in place and glue them. You should avoid using any nails as they may spoil the work or break the mirrors. After gluing, let the work sit for at least 24 hours.
8. Get the heavy-duty wire that you will use to hang the mirrors. Please make sure the fastening of the wire is okay. You would not want the mirrors falling off the wall and causing injury.

Final Word

The multi-paneled mirror is a great addition to your living room especially for those that love having a great looking living room. This project is easy, and you can do it by yourself. However, look out for loose fittings. Ensure that you have all the pieces and joints are tightly in place.

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