The Conscience.

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I wonder why we humans find it hard to get fixed to the fact that man’s conscience is God in him… (Yes for your conscience drives and guides you leading you right as God does)..
According to Wikipedia “”Conscience is an aptitude, faculty, intuition or judgment that assists in distinguishing right from wrong””
But did you know that
A. “Conscience is what connects humanity to God, in essence the righteousness in us human?”
B. “Conscience tells you your right from your wrong?”
C. “To lack conscience is to lack shame!”
D. “A Conscience-less life is a tool of hurt & destruction in the hand of devil.”
E. “Our Conscience works with something we all desire in life yet some of us forgo it all… ‘caution’.”
F. “Your Conscience is the ego in You/Us.”
So ask yourself how your conscience works for you? Does it connect you for good or for bad?
Let’s talk, Say something about it and let’s see how we can assist each other to build that good life based on a clear and strong-willed conscience.

Written by LeXHansplaCE

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  1. Conscience is only available for the higher beings although it feels as if it is instinctive. I taught this concept when I was a secondary school teacher a few years ago, and the students were amazed at why they had those feelings.

  2. I am not sure conscience is related to god or any spiritual concept. For me is more related to education and what our parents taught us when we were little. I rely on their rules and teachings every day and that's what guides me in my life. Nice post though, thanks for sharing !

  3. Nice post. I hear people say you have no conscience, I stand to be corrected but I do not agree with that, a conscience is not a part of your body that you loose, it is only a feeling that we choose to ignore in some situations, but everybody does have one.

    Nice post…never really had to think about the conscience but this just quickened my mind.

  4. What i understand conscience to be is something within you that brings you to consciousness, that alerts you to what is right or wrong. It makes you uncomfortable till you attend to it and do the needful

  5. It's no question that we all have different views and I think that affects our conscience as well. There will be times when you think that your acting out of good conscience and yet there are people who will disagree with you. For me, mostly, it drives us to keep doing good.

  6. Your interpretation is interesting, I think that it always makes people more secure when they 'form' energies and phenomena into celestial beings. You're very lucky! Marta Nightingale

  7. I am not religious but its true we all have different views and sometimes an idea we have will get shut down and we can't understand why. It is all a matter of conscience.

  8. Yes! I agree completely – our conscience is God within us telling right from wrong and helping us to choose Good. Thank you for reminding me to listen 🙂

  9. my teacher in preschool once told me that conscience is like a guardian angel.. it's the tiny voices you here that will remind you what is right from wrong.. they are the voices that tries to stop you every time you try to do something wrong

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