The internet is the new GOLD-MINE

The internet is the new goldmine, i say this to people alot of times. Rewind back to the last 10 to 15 years and we will be stuck in the 9-5 jobs, where we work our asses out, stay through out the day in the office, white collared and most times, at the end of the day we get paid a few bucks which we all know can not really cover our various expenses.
This happens to be the time when we all had not so much knowledge about money making skills and opportunities on the internet as we all do today. How many of us all had the opportunity of getting the job done so quick back then and also had the opportunity to earn so much as we do now? the answer clearly is JUST A FEW OF US.
Wikipedia defines the internet as The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite to link devices worldwide. and i had to go over the same internet to give gold mine a definition and here is what i came up with. gold mine is the field full of gold or gold ores which we all go in search of to be brought outta the ground where it lay buried by nature.
Now this brings me back to the real deal in this very post. Why did i say the internet is the new goldmine? I say this from experience and research. reason being that , there are a lot of money making opportunities scattered all over the internet that we all can benefit from (if we dig deep and have the passion for it). From research it is clear that we have hundreds or let me say thousands of jobs we all can do to earn some money, *please note that i am not saying this to discourage you reading this post from your 9-5 job* but those who know deep down that they are not well paid through the current jobs they do, can aswell take the opportunity and do something nice for themselves financially.
What are those jobs available on the internet? I will start with one i am into..


I blog for both the passion and money involved, you can ask me why passion and money , and i will answer you directly that without the passion to go into blogging, trust me you will quit as soon as you get into it and the money doesn’t come, why? Its professional to be passionate, but passion without money is unprofessional. Confy Scenty of CONTECHSBLOG.
The time you commit to your blog is much and really consuming that sometimes it feels like its way beyond that of the 9-5, but at the end of the day we have a lot we can earn through it, from ADVERTS PLACEMENTS, SPONSORED POSTS, FEATURED POSTS, to name but a few.


I did this way back when i started my blog, but i stopped it as i didn’t know all the ropes involved in it, but of late i got a few important details about it and am working on getting something out soon on affiliate marketing. like a virtual friend of mine Chinye Onwamaka of CEECEESBLOG who owns a STORE on one of Nigeria’s largest e-commerce sites once said to me a few weeks back. “Lex, there is a lot of money in affiliate marketing, as you can go into it full time and be relaxed that you make some decent earnings from it”. 
You can earn when people shop for items through your links, or you can even decide to open a store on one of the trusted eCommerce companies in your location if you have an item to sell, and trust me you will be glad you did.


Way back then we had little to no trust to the Cryptocurrency but the STATEMENT today in alot of peoples lips is clear (i wish i had started Cryptocurrency business earlier than now). there are alot of Cryptocurrencies one can go into, for instance, BITCOIN is one so good that the whole world looks up to it with keen interest as the market value keeps going up and high, there is a projection that by the end of this very year bitcoin may pass the 3000$/1btc value, who knows? now why don’t you invest heavily in BITCOIN now and be glad and ready to sell a few of them when you see the profit made on the value after a few weeks , months or even a year.
Also worthy of mention is the Ripple coin, Ethereum coin and alot of other digital coin, and in a way i feel the DIGITAL COIN is just the future of currencies in the world now as it stands, do you also think so?
The internet is the new goldmine


Trust me this is one very one i know has alot of money in, alot of us have alot of things to do on the internet and we have so little or limited time, and who do we turn to in this one, ? your guess is as good as mine, we turn to a set of people who help us complete these tasks on the internet from one deal to the orther, from my reasearch alot of Virtual Assistants are well paid for their jobs that some rake in well above 100$ evey month, now how good is that? perfect.


Alot of us have a business or service we want to put out to a larger audience today and clearly when we do so, we will need the web design gurus to build that strong and very nice websites for us to be able to put our services to a wider reach? guess what? we pay these geeks to build it for us, how about learning alot on web design and take your good knowledge into good use to build sites for people and get paid for a job well done.


Mobile app creation is also a very good one, as you create strong and secured apps for clients and they pay you for a job well done.


What will the internet or social media be without the graphix designers? little than it is now and today. without these guys, trust me we have no face to our products and services, they put in so much work and give us amazing designs for our products. there is alot of money in this as i know they spend alot to learn the ar properly and they also charge alot too for the works you get from it, there are some works for as low as $5 to as high as $100 or even more, pending on the nature of work you require from them to make for you…
I remember two people i give praise to what they do when it comes to graphics designing. Nnanna Temitope Kalu of Logosbadge/Futureeternal and Chinedu Chukwuka of King Media… These two guys do good stuffs and i sometimes wish i had the talent in them for designing, *Big Shout Out to Nnanna Temitope Kalu for he is the brain behind my BLOG Logo and Header, feel free to check him out on Facebook/Instagram and Youtube.
The internet is the new goldmine
These are just a few i have decided to talk about on this topic till i round up the follow up to this post, now tell me, are you ready to take the opportunity that awaits you on the internet and be the BOSS you have always dreamt of or will you sit down and see opportunities pass you by?

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