AFSA2017: Lexhansplace is #Best Fashion Blog

Lexhansplace Is The Best Blog @The #Afsa2017

Alright Guys, I have been missing in action (MIA) for a few days now. All for the  AFSA2017. 
Its a bit of a hangover from the awards and a few others but am here to update you.
Here is me saying a vrry BIG thank you to each and everyo e of you that voted for me (Best Fashion Blog) at the ANAMBRA FASHION SHOW & AWARDS2017. via the AFSA weblink and also on INSTAGRAM, Without you guys it wouldnt be possible. Finally we made it.
1# lexhansplace wins best fashion blog at the afsa2017

Its actually my FIRST AWARD NOMINATION and wining this makes it even more sweet for me.

To all other nominees in my category i say *we all are winners in our own capacities*
2# lexhansplace wins best fashion blog at the afsa2017

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