Must you be like everyone? (Updated)

You must not be like everyone. Be Unique.

 Good evening…

Its another delightful Thursday evening and I have to bestow this peace to everyone who keeps running over to my blog in one way or the other…

In any case, before that..

you can be different in your own way

How would you be able to have possessed the capacity to you keep running over to my blog?…

search engine?,, et cetera

From a friend or partner?.

Facebook re-direct?

Twitter re-direct?

My feed burners?

On the other hand would you say you are a buddy of mine whom I almost certainly told about my blog?

Whichever way, am glad you did in light of the fact that you are coming here will be an adroit choice in the wake of examining this peace..

In a matter of seconds, lets get straight to the piece i have to discuss (MUST YOU BE LIKE EVERYONE?)!!

How regularly have you ever wished to be like that next person?

How regularly have you ever wished you were exceptional in connection to the individual you are?

Uncountable on the off chance that I by one means or another happened to meet you one on one and make this same request..

Yet we tend to neglect that “BIBLICALLY speaking” we were all made to stand-out and be remarkable.

I’ll use blogging as my case point here.

Am not a master regarding blogging yet rather from the little data I have about blogging so far I can say am satisfied being in my exceptional way.

You have to approach me for some what justifiable reason? I’l let you know..

When I started my blog (lets not go deep into the date and all that for its way back but with issues), I decided to be like every other top blogger in and around. ‘No name explanations behind living’, it helped me with getting a fancied thought and action however over the whole deal, I saw I lost quality in keeping some unflinching site visitors, so would you have the capacity to figure the accompanying move I made? I wager you can’t figure right.

I put aside time out to advance two or three request..

Why am I blogging?

Why do I blog?

Who are my target Audience?

Here are the answer…

Am blogging for passion..

I blog to share my own specific individual experiences and lifestyle, offer news and tips on HEALTH, EVENTS AND OCCASSIONS I am incorporated with or I go to, INSPIRATIONALS/MOTIVATIONALS and in a way get some pay through it (after all there is an expression that hardwork and substance pays on the web)..

I plan passing energetic and uncommon message through this site.

I wish to accomplish an overall gathering of visitors where leXHansplaCE will be a channel point for the mentioned reasons of blogging..

Yet numerous people surge and bob into blogging like its just for diversion just, my dear ‘blogging isn’t as basic as some make it look, am up till now taking in an extensive measure in the field and still need to go higher than I am at this time’..

When you transform into the copy and paste journal proprietor or in the event that I say blogger, trust me you will be seen as the standard person who supports on society endeavors to blog. (You will get nowhere, I did it and stopped it even with no body inciting me).

At times you can decide to blog yet when you are not NICHED it transforms into a troublesome errand for you. Mine is CENTERED/NICHED on my specific CONTENTS/INSPIRATIONALS and HEALTH.

Do whatever it takes not to ask in respect to whether am immaculate in this 3 for I would not meander into it if I didn’t understand what I was doing.

Right away over to you reading this.. Is it genuine that you are into blogging? Is it genuine that you are hoping to transform into one? On the other hand would you say you are just the regular or extra standard being..? Whichever case you fall into, trust me you would be better of knowing why you have to do anything in life ‘not just blogging’ and settle on that decision on doing what stands you out in the crowd of an enormous number..

Set yourself a couple of goals and destinations..

Portray your goals and destinations..

plan your goals and destinations.. 

 Don’t just dream or wish for your goals and destinations,  Put it all into practice..

In whatever you do, endeavor to reliably be stand-out and predictable with a style ‘your style’ and you should hit the spot when the time is right..


For a couple of bloggers who will read this, and you are more impeccable than I am, please drop your COMMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS and I’l be glad to pick up from you.
For people who may see this as not basic, I’ll be upbeat you let me know why..
What’s more, a short time later for the people who will essentially copy this work of mine without giving credit… On the off chance that it’s not all that much inconvenience credit my work through backlinks or whichever way you have to. (You can make usage of this yet giving me credit for this is the key).

I’ll drop my pen now and go for the night as the atmosphere here in Awka says its chance to rest.

Goodnight and God support each one of us as we all get the opportunity to be one of a kind and intriguing in our doings.

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

IamNigerian, iBlog, iCreate, iPlan, iPromote & iAdvertise

Welcome to my escape. Read through my posts and do have yourself a good time.


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