She found Joy and Happiness in the Farm.

She found Joy and Happiness in the Farm.

When you talk about Joy and Happiness, we seek to find them in the best of places filled with luxury and good life. Yet not all they say come so shinny as we all expect.
This is the story of a young lady, JulietMarie who found Joy and Happiness in the Farm, somewhere in Enugu State, Nigeria.

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But the amazing thing there is the reason behind this emotions.

When you are able to do something and be full of smiles and laughter for it.

I came across this post on a facebook friends account (she’s nice person too one on one, full of laughter and life). And trust me i was wowed by this that i had to ask for permission from her to allow me share this to a larger audience.

You will ask me why?

Read the content of her post.

*Somewhere at Enugu state.

My aunty said, Miss come let’s party in the farm if you really want to go with bag of garri.

Am enjoying God*

For the love of what we want in life, we do things that are required of us all. These are sacrifices we make yet to do them with happiness is key.

*#you can make merry and bring out the best of joy and laughter for yourself and people around you in any where you decide to, all that matters is the will and commitment #*

Joy is not limited to your party venues like the clubs, beach, private halls, etc. A farm can give you 100% happiness so long you decide to give yourself the said joy and happiness.

See images below to understand my point in this little piece
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