Kosisochukwu is Dead, Says TheKhee

@thekhoceeuzochukwu Entrepreneur extraordinaire reveals a new BEING in him or should i say outta him.. Remember that he is the C.E.O of @thekhee

Usually i don’t make posts like this but this is one that got me thinking for the good, but in a bit sad by the choice of words though.

I get the message passed, (THIS IS SOMEONE WHO MAKES AND CREATES AND SHOULD I SAY BRINGS OUT TALENT IN PEOPLE, AND PROBABLY THIS HAS ALOT TO DO WITH THIS SIDE/PART OF HIM) but like we humans think differently. We see it all in various ways and that’s the case here as fans and friends of TheKhee as he wants us to call him now came calling for his head on a Facebook.

In his words and i quote

“Kosisochukwu is dead!!! Died on June 2nd 2017… All hail the new King! He is The Khocee and he doesn’t care what you think or do!!! Hail The Khocee!!! Duke of Uzochukwu Empire and King of the World… Not to forget; Lord of Poultryville.”

This didnt go down well with quite a few peeps as there were different views to this..

thekhee on lexhansplace1
Scroll down to view a few comments on the said post/pic as at the time of POSTING THIS.

thekhee on lexhansplace2

thekhee on lexhansplace3

thekhee on lexhansplace4
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do werll to follow him as the NEW HIM Unveils. @thekhoceeuzochukwu

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