7 Awesome Reasons Why I Love Blogging

Blogging has evolved beyond it old ways and i will touch it deeply for reasons why you should own one. This is a chellenge arrangement am partaking in from a gathering i have a place with on facebook.
Furthermore, the test was to compose a post of at least 500words on the theme 7 Awesome Reason Why …… where you pick whatever and fill in the clear.
Here i have chosen to utilize You Should Own A Blog as the word for my clear space.
What’s more, here are my thoughts on it.

1. Researcher/Analyst.

One thing i have invested significant time to see about blogging is the manner by which it efficiently transforms you into a very much settled analyst. You will ask me how and for what valid reason this is number one on my list and i will state to you. Each blogger dont simply turn out to make posts that dont add meaning to the perusers as we take our time to look into things from our usual ranges of familiarity and beyond to get actualities and genuine informations to share to our perusers. If i publish false information here, after reading you go away.
Right or Wrong?

Why i love blogging

2. Blogging take alot of your time.

Yes it takes alot of your time and trust me any blog that doesnt get the required time from its owner is on a par with a clear sheet. Why? You invest energy making new posts, new pictures, new subjects, new thoughts all to ensure your perusers dont get exhausted with boredome.
Right or Wrong?.

3. Opens you to new thoughts.

As a blogger its clever to state your cerebrum and brain turns into an entryway to new thoughts as you generally attempt to do something new and distinctive every time you choose to blog. A genuine blogger is constantly open to new thoughts and not rehashing same old traps. So yes our brains get presented to thoughts we never knew existed.
Right or Wrong?

4. Makes you an Educator.

Yes. I said this and nobody instructed me to. Why? As a blogger we attempt to dependably show individuals new things from our new thoughts. I can make a blog entry on a piece of my blog now (health for instance) and expound on cancer. In this manner, whoever peruses the post learns another thing and tries to pratice it to full use for good wellbeing. did i educate you on something here?
Right or Wrong?.

5. Associates you to new individuals and companions.

Yes am certain alot of individuals will citicise me for this part. i dont keep nor make companions rather colleagues, however the truth is this, as you blog around a certain niche or the other you get the opportunity to interface with new arrangements of individuals from all arround the world. I have associated with a couple of people in my adventure sofar. From here in Nigeria to USA to England to India to Philipines to China to Germany to Switzerland to give some examples of associations i have made through blogging. So obviously its interesting how blogging can truly link you with new people.
Right or Wrong?.

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6. Makes you a BRAND.

Has it ever occured to you that your blog can make you as a man turn into a BRAND?. some Yes and some No.
Here is the thing. What you blog about (specialty/niche) stands you out from others and the greatest brands on the planet today are enormous in their specialty since they stick to it and made good work of strategizing ways to stand TALL Generally, pick your specialty, stay consistent with it and do your thing right and construct that BRAND individuals will pay special mind to.
Righ or Wrong?.

7. Profits.

Yes, alot of us know this while some of us don’t. You can make money from blogging (satisfy that shouldnt be your only point and core interest). From Sponsored posts or Adverts to Direct deals to Affiliates to different cash making choices there is.
Right or Wrong?.

There you have it. 7 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Own A Blog.

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

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  1. Blogging does take a ton of time. It's not as easy as just taking a photo and posting it. It requires lots of work to also keep up everything. I definitely agree that it's about branding ourselves too. Each blog becomes almost an extension of ourselves with the way it's unique and different from other ones out there. Awesome post! thanks for sharing!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  2. It sounds like a cool challenge. I think blogging is fun and very rewarding but it does have its funny sides. These are pretty accurate.

  3. Blogging really takes a lot of our time, it has been a second child for most of us. For others, blogging can be an income generator, for others, it is simply their hobby and do not take it seriously. Nonetheless, blogging is a fun thing to do! 😉

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