Art by C. Azuakor.

Some of you may know him from HERE and HERE, but for those who don’t know him here is something to keep you hungry for more of his works. not forgetting reasons why i love this guys work of ART.
Charleslouis Azuakor Kelechukwu is One Talented Artist i know and will recommend any day anytime and what gives me so much confidence in his is his style of drawings and paintings along with the fact that his passion for Art made him this good,  He said and i quote. “I didn’t attend any art schools or lectures so basically I learnt on my own during practice and also I picked up techniques from artists I admire.”

Feed your eyes with a piece of his MASTERY from the works below.
acuity by c.z.azuakor art gallery for lexhansplace

Title: Acuity (sharpness/acuteness), (eyes like an eagle)

Artist: C.Azuakor


Medium: Charcoal on cartridge paper.

At my childhood, visiting grandma was something else…I had opportunities to witness firsthand how hawks/eagles snatch chicks from nursing hens with much acuity; thanks to the nature of their eyes… the way they swoop on their victims nosediving all the way to the cycle of the food chain; robbing us the chance to make more gain from chicken sales. nevertheless I do learn from the way they *plan* and carry out the attacks…
Mother Teresa by c.z.azuakor art gallery for lexhansplace

Title: Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Artist: C.Azuakor

Size: 8 by 10inches

Medium: Ballpoint pen on needlepoint paper

Popularly known as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, an entity known for her humility,meekness,love for the poor/needy,etc . she struck the hearts of many; drawing souls back to the creator and found favour at His sight. She was canonized as a Saint by Pope Francis on the 4th of September 2016… I really enjoyed making a pen drawing of her…this was my second pen portraiture of her, now am thinking of updating my gallery with a well detailed pencil portrait of this wonderful woman.
Saint Teresa of Calcutta pray for us.
stimuli by c.z.azuakor art gallery for lexhansplace

Title: Stimuli (Response)

Artist: C.Azuakor

Size: 10 by 15 inches

Medium: ballpoint pen on Alabaster paper.

Stimuli, Stimuli, Stimuli? more like biology all over again. Am not the first artist to create this kind of drawing but I can give another understand about the portrait …This is a realistic water effect drawing but on close observation of this drawing you might notice that d technique used was cross-hatching, my main objective for that was just to deceive your eyes…I just needed a drawing people would stare at and wonder how the realism was achieved with pen strokes.
ibile by c.z.azuakor art gallery for lexhansplace

Title: IBILE

Artist: C.Azuakor

Size: A3

Medium: Pencil on cartridge paper

IBILE means local,native or heritage in Yoruba language, of the Western part of Nigeria and is also an acronym for the 5 founding regions in Lagos – Ikorodu,Badagry,Ikeja,Lagos island and Epe.
I used a candle to represent light; for in the mist of all those darkness emerging from the background there should light. 
The yellow and black striped B to represent d popular Lagos Danfo/Molue Bus
The masquerade represents the Eyo Festival (representing the spirits of the dead)
The overloaded DANFO represents d FLAWS we have
The E has a touch of the RIVERRINE area/beach
The Bus/Canoe shows that some of its people live on land others on riverine areas. There are more explanations to the drawing that I cannot fully explain here.
michael jackson by c.z.azuakor art gallery for lexhansplace

Title: Michael Jackson

Artist: C.Azuakor

Size: 20 by 24 inches

Medium: Pencil on needlepoint paper

Am a lover of music, good music if I may add. MJ as popularly known made a big difference in pop music which coined him a title *King of pop* With his songs topping charts and attracting nominations he won a couple of awards to his name …He died 25th June 2009.
This drawing was done in his remembrance. May his soul Rest in Peace.

You want an ARTWORK of this nature for yourself or loved ones? Below are his contact details.

Name: Charleslouis Azuakor Kelechukwu
Nationality: Nigeria
Call number: +234803765423
Whatsapp number: +234817 032 7536
Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram: c.azuakor_art_gallery

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