Mildred Menkiti spends time with Nsawam Female Prisons,Ghana inmates ahead of birthday celebrations.

When birthdays draw near and come close by, we celebrate, wine and dine with family and friends to mark the new age/year in our lives.
But how many of us really take time to remember the less privileged ones out there in the society? that was the case of Mildred Menkiti, who had a pre-birthday celebration with inmates at the Nsawam Female Prisons, Nsawam, Ghana, a trip in which she was accompanied by friends, colleagues and family.
mildred menkiti at the Nsawam Female Prisons, Nsawam, Ghana 1
In her own words “I went there to celebrate my birthday, share my joy and my smiles with the wardens and inmates as well as be comfortable around them to understand their life survival in there. We sang, danced and merried together, unfortunately not allowed to take pictures with inmates but it was amazing and fun to see how happy they all were in accepting their faith in their as well as Jesus.”
mildred menkiti at the Nsawam Female Prisons, Nsawam, Ghana 2

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