What essence have you to offer to LIFE.

You ever been in a situation where you have a question to ask someone and don’t seem to have the best answer possible?

Take me for instance, I always have this feeling that life has got a lot to offer to me in all I do yet I have have this other wierd feeling that I have a lot to offer to life itself in return.
Ask yourself the very question of living all at once.
This is my very own experience today as I laid back on my bed with my phone in hand as I search for what my mind/heart could lead me to write today to share on this site for my visitors to read from when I heard a knock on my door, lo-n-behold it was a feminine voice ‘warm and cool’ with a name I have no knowledge of as a friends’… I approached to see and it was more than I could think of. It was this easy…(The wonderful voice lady, another beautiful lady and a smart looking guy)..
Who were they and what brought them to my house, ‘we are here to share the word of God with you from (Church name with-held)… At first I didn’t want them in as I was feeling so lazy and didn’t want someone coming to preach Christianity to me as I didn’t want such yet I had this inner-self telling me to let them in and the ‘wonderful voice lady’ spoke word into me and I allowed them in.
To be honest I was expecting the usual message of repentance and need to be born again but gladly they gave me reason to see why I should be grateful to God for allowing them into my house to share his word.. 
We spoke at length on various issues ranging from the need to fall back to God for all and be at peace with God for he alone can make all things/dreams a reality, a nice meeting it was with them as it ended well and fine as everyone reading this would expect and gladly we dismissed and I fell back to my bed thinking what essence I got as to my earlier question of what life or I had to offer the other and I can conclude that truly the gift of life and knowledge of Christ serves a lot of purpose to our desires and wants/needs…
As Life has offered me OPPORTUNITY and I had to use the OPPORTUNITY I was given to render good services to humanity as God alone is LIFE.
I want to ask you as you conclude this READ!!!
Do you allow preachers into your homes?
Do you listen attentively to the word of God?
Do you keep in touch with them after the preachings?
Do you see essence to the preachings you get?
Share your experience and tell me what you have to offer to LIFE……(Remember I said GOD alone is LIFE)..

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

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  1. Lovely story! I am not religious but i think religion is a wonderful thing as long as you're not trying to force someone to believe in what you believe. 🙂

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