Beard Gangers jump in here, Some nice ways to take care of your beards

Are you a  beard lover? Get in here.
Its very normal and natural for men, guysm boys and generally the male folk to wear facial and jaw or side hairs aka beards with the trend beard gang, but do you ask yourself a few questions as to how they go about it?
I for one, i am a beard lover, as i have gone through keeping beards to shaving it all off and going back to beards again and the cycle continues, currently i am back on them, but this time on a low as i am not keeping them so full or bushy like some will think.
Well this post is strictly to school a few on the ways of keeping that clean look with them beards and still look sexy and attractive. 

{heheheh, i know now you want to ask if i am looking cool and sexy on mine? sure yes i am.}

Here are just a few ways to follow the beard gang lifestyle along with a few of my pictures, NOT RECENT PICTURES BY THE WAY, NOT TOO FULL FOR THE IDEA BUT MY CHOICE ON STYLE AND LOW.

Keep it simple and clean always.

Yes, you should keep that beard clean always, trust me when you have those beards very clean you sure stand the classic man look, and as-well you help avoid the usual issues men go through from having tiny little hidden boils and the itchy feel and also you avoid a smelly beard too.
beard gang lexhansplace1

Trim and shape it regularly for a good style design.

If you must join the beard gang team, please and please, try as much as you can to have it trimmed always and give it a nice shape to look good too. you sure don’t want to go out with your beards all scattered and tangled with no perfect lining and shape? or with those thin long strands of hair that just like to show themselves . heheheh,


beard gang lexhansplace2

Style choice.

Style is essential for any beard ganger, you know why? the way i choose to style my beards is not the same way the next guy by the road side or next house block will do his, reason, we all want to stand out with our own unique ways and look. full, low, spread or whichever choice you have is good for you so long you look unique in it and its your own style.
beard gang lexhansplace3

Comb regularly.

This is one area alot of us have issues, i am also guilty of this, sometimes i just want to have my beard a little tangling and rough, not for anything special but i have taken time to study a few guys both local and international and i saw it clearly that there is this manly thing in us that makes us want that tangling feel to our beards, but for the fact its in-born, we should always try as much as possible to have that neat combing to our beards. a well combed beards goes well on your outfit and give you that decent and classic look… Trust me on this one.
beard gang lexhansplace4

Apply creame or oil to it.

Any beard ganger in the world today who doesn’t make use of hair oil, creame or whatever you decide is not doing himself a thing of good, because for you to decide on this, you sure need to feed your beards properly, the way you feed your hair and stomach is the same way you should feed your beard with the right nutrient to enable it grow properly and have you that strong and long lasting growth you so desire.
beard gang lexhansplace5

beard gang lexhansplace6
There you have it. feel free to add any other way you can maintain your beard if you are a beard ganger or you have someone who is into this.

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

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