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Techblogs for lexhansplace
Techblogs i love to visit as a blogger will definitely have a few things for me to visit from time to time in terms of gaining a few knowledge as well as fixing things from my smartphones to other gadgets and also were i get a few tricks and tips to my blog designing to mention a few. Now below is a little list i made up of a few Techblogs i appreciate the works done over there.
techvillz for lexhansplace
Name of Site owner: Kossy Gabriel
Blog Description: Technology News and articles, Latest Android and iPhone tips and hacks, Android Reviews, Malware Alerts, PC Trouble shooting tips, Windows and Linux Articles and Hacks
Year of Launch: November 2015
techvillaz for lexhansplace
Name of Site owner: Deshane Miah Michaels
Blog Description: Android stock firmwares, custom firmwares, How to’s, phone specs. & reviews, tech news, mobile tips & tricks
Year of Launch: August 2015
naijaspecs for lexhansplace
Name of Site owner: Ayandoye Pelumi Olawale
Blog Description: Mobile Phones Full Specifications, Reviews, Pictures, News, Videos, Comparison & Price In Asia, Europe, America & Africa
Year of Launch: July 2016
enochtekng for lexhansplace
Name of Site owner: Enoch Hartley
Blog Description; provides you with the best android tutorials, android ROMs, gadgets reviews, mobile trick, specifications and blogger tips
Year of Launch:
techubng for lexhansplace
Name of Site owner: Dumnoi Ikechukwu
Blog Description: TechubNG is an exquisite blog for latest technology news, phone reviews, android ROMs, various guides and tutorials and so much more
Year of Launch: December 4th 2016 (migrated from mtkhaven to techubng)
contechsblog for lexhansplace
Name of Site owner: Confy Scenty
Blog Description: Technology Blog With A Difference, The Best Of It’s Kind. Offers Unique Tutorials, Free Browsing Cheats, Device And App Reviews and Tech News.
Year of Launch: 2015
**worthy mention.** NOT TECH ANYMORE BUT MUSIC.
Name of Site owner: Franklin Odinaka
Site url: MP3naija
Blog Description: Music Uploads
Year of Launch: 2018
Do well to visit them from time to time, learn from them how they do it and be glad you did.
#visit them and tell me in the comment section what you feel and think about these awesome blogs.#

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  1. This would be a great resource for other tech bloggers or readers who are interested in tech ! I will have a binge read at some point when I need to brush up on my tech knowledge x

  2. That's awesome! It's nice to be updated with the latest trends on technology as well as look up guides on how to use the gadgets that we have. This list will definitely help me find good tech blogs to read from time to time.

  3. I've saved your site URL to check these blogs out. I'm short on time right now (spring break kids out) but I really want to give them some love. I love finding new blogs to follow.

  4. I have visited techvillz a few times via google search, when i was reserching on how to reset windows 10 password.

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