I won against distraction… tell me yours


This comes as it can be in form of a post to inspire other writers out there who get lost and confused in that moment.
And i was seriously thinking of what to write, i picked up my laptop and stroke my head and said to my wonderful brain that I’ve got to put something down for my blog visitors to come again as always and read and drop those wonderful comments.

I stare at the document i just randomly created on my Microsoft Word along with a few headings i planned on writing posts on and guess what?

It reminds me of how pure the colour WHITE is and how beautiful it would be to have an all white post event, now i am gradually getting distracted and I am deviating from my proposed plan to write, I shake it off asap, then just when something pops up from my brain for me to write, I see the picture of those blog comments coming in a-plenty for every one of my blog posts along with shares of my post’s on various social platforms by my visitors, then my brain recalculates and says to me

{‘leX’ you wanted to write a post to publish before now.}

I won against distraction

Ok, just when am about to scribble something on the laptop my neighbour suddenly turned an announcer from no where whichrreally amazes me and he begins to say different words and sentences with that loud voice of his, (he never acts this way and now i am thinking why oday of all days will i have to go through such distractions) then as i think thats too much of a distraction from my post writing, i decide to shut my doors and windows so as to avoid listening to the sounds around me for focus.

O! I force a smile and say to myself *I MUST WRITE THIS POST TODAY FOR MY WONDERFUL VISITORS*.

I go back to my table and my laptop, with a little touch of my hands to my keypad thinking of what I planned on doing.  Guess what?

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The words all just start to jump out from where they were hiding prior, at that time all the words have all grown wings and flown to fairy land for a successful process and all came back for proper post writing, i just conclude by saying…

I guess the battle was WON against distraction. ? Was it? Have your say on this experience if you have had such before.

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Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

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  1. My own frustration is power, imagine when you are waiting for an update to publish and your phone or laptop is low and your power bank is off… It's frustrating..

  2. Oh,how difficult it is to concentrate on something with so much of distraction; especially when our brain is already not helping us 🙂
    Yes, the battle was won… in writing this comment amidst talkative crowd on my commute back home :p

  3. Yes! So glad someone else struggles with this. I find myself sitting, staring at the blank document one minute, then find myself dancing around the house to my music the next haha. Great piece! Super relatable

  4. After reading this, you made me realize how to use my surroundings and current situation to help me think of a blog topic when im stuck in a rut! glad you took this negative situation and turned into your inspiration for writing this post!

  5. I have to be in the right mood to write. But when that does happen, the words certain flow. It's like a state of meditation, and the words just write themselves. But other times, I can't even write the first word.

  6. Surroundings can really play a big role in the way you write and if you can write at all. The mood has to be right and sometimes I start writing about one thing then change topic depending on my mood. It is easy to be distracted, but when you get going then it all works out

  7. it also works like giving yourself a time-off and do new things and get involved in new activity, and when you get back – everything seems fresh again! Another thing I do is I read books or watch a television to get more inspired..

  8. Haha, I totally get it! I totally get this feeling and I'm so glad someone is mentionning it for once! It's cool and It was really fun to read!

  9. Hmm Lex my own is the worst o, i can think of what to write but as soon as i pick my pen all inspiration is lost. I love writing but i think i should first defeat the spirit of distraction.

  10. It can be really difficult to concentrate when there's distraction around you. I know some people can still do it, but I'm a person who needs that quiet moment to get creative work done. Altjough I need to have radio on.

  11. Writing only works for me when I'm inspired to write. I don't just sit down and say I'm going to write, because I will just sit there. When it hits me, I just gotta jot down whatever is given to me. Distractions are a dime a dozen, but when the focus is on…there's no stopping! Awesome post. I know all writers/bloggers can relate to this. Yesssss!!!

  12. good for you Lex… here in my place, there are always a lot of distraction especially during the day.. this is the reason why my writing mood always strike either in late night or dawn.. this is the time when you hear no loud noises and the time when you can focus on what you do!

  13. Sometimes I have to force myself to write. I turn on light background music and a cup of hot tea and then I get to work.

  14. Distractions are definitely a big killer to producing good, creative work. I always try to have an idea first before I sit down to write about it, and I make sure that I eliminate as many possible distractions as possible. This allows me to really be in the moment for what I need to write and usually, this works for me. Otherwise, it can take so much longer to complete what I need to do.

  15. I feel like since Christmas I’ve had this massive writer’s block and can’t seem to get myself out of this funk!

  16. Sometimes I find it hard to focus and I get writer’s s block but I end up having to pull it together so that I can get my blogs done. I know it will only help me in the long run.

  17. Man is life filled with distractions! As a business coach, I work with a lot of freelancers and the work-from-home life is just RIPE with distractions. Neighbors, for instance, never expect that we are working. They pop in. They call over the fence. They are just plain noisy. We have housework staring at us all day. Televisions and puffy sofas calling to us from across the house. It takes a lot of work to get in the right mindset. Have you considered integrating mindfulness training or meditation into your life?

  18. I can totally relate my attention span is short, and I get distracted so easily. I have learned that my phone is the biggest thing that keeps me from getting anything done. I have learned that if I want to get anything accomplished, it has to be in totally separate room. If I can see it, I won’t get anything done.

  19. I get easily distracted, I find it hard to focus on writing. But I’m trying to overcome it by listening to music, it acts as a therapy for me to write more. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing blog. Keep posting.

  20. I’ve learned to not multi-task in order to be more effective. Life can get really busy and you can’t be good at everything. Pick one thing and stick with it.

  21. I definitely struggle with this staying focused on what I’m doing! Thank you so much for your recommendation, I think it will be useful!

  22. Life and distractions can be overwhelming at times. That’s why it’s important to take a breather every now and then and just do something you love to do, or try a new hobby. It helps also sometimes to have a to-do list when you absolutely have to write!

  23. It’s so hard to concentrate when you feel like the world is against you! I relate and I constantly find myself doing things other than what I need to do.

  24. Thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed it immensely. Sometimes I struggle with distractions, but I am learning how to overcome distractions. Great post!

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