Where do you see yourself in 5years from now?

This came as an arguement between myself and some friends of mine where i reside in school and yes it happened after sunday mass/service… this sparked alot of sentiment and some myopic statements from varied folks concerned , therefore some responses given to the one who this question was asked.
“you ought to be coming up with being a person of your own” Amaka
“you ought to be thinking on the way to be a powerful support to your father and to not want him dead, knowing your age and person” Osama
father n son lexhansplace
Father n Son
“five years from now, ought to be you already established in your own business and your fathers ought to be a plus for you” Awareness
“everyone prays to be higher than his father and not the opposite manner round” Amaka
“do you wish your father death?” Lynda
“a contrary son you’re, if this can be your vision for your father in five years time” Ifeanyi
“he ought to be higher than his father in five years time and not thinking of taking on his fathers business, his thinking level is incredibly very shallow for him to possess such thoughts.. Him be maloo” Gift
Now lets see what caused all of thise from the terribly genesis of the drama.
I was at the Church earlier today and my pastor preached regarding BUSINESS… and whereas he preached, he aforementioned we all ought to pray that we tend to be stuffed by the word of God in soul and spirit which conjointly we must always pray that our pockets be stuffed in few years to our gift life”
this esued afterwords. 
leX: in a few years time, where do you see yourself?
Annonymous: in five years time i see myself taking on my fathers business…. 
leX: why? *(Here i cut him short to caution him on why he can say thus, knowing totally well his father is alive,and in an African setting, he has an elder brother, and also a younger brother, and he had this to feature to any or all he had aforementioned earlier)*.
Annonymous: in three years time, i ought to be through with school, youth service, and possibly obtaining some real funds and undoubtedly i’ll be taking on my fathers business.
Now to you my beloved blog visitor reading this straight away. Was he being too self focused and greedy? or are his visions simply to massive that he’s not thinking of family before the business? 
Have your say on this matter and tell me your thoughts on it all via these two questions.
1. Is he right or wrong to mention this?
2. In five years time, where do you see yourself?

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  1. I dont think he is wrong in his thoughts. Every father would be happy to see his son joining him, and helping him take care of his business as he grows older. Though if he does it by choice, its even more better!

  2. I honestly have always hated questions like this. Where do you see yourself in five or ten years. I think a better question to ask a person is always what are your goals, and in what time frame do you envision or hope to see yourself achieving those goals. It makes the question more specific and people are able to attain many short term goals with success over shorter time frames. These goals may then move them into a different direction.

  3. Actually if you ask me, leave alone 5 years, I do not see where I will be tomorrow also 🙂 But yes on a serious note probably do have some idea at the back of our minds though we may not acknowledge it to ourselves or others

  4. Interesting. I don't know that I think it was selfish, but maybe that's because I know quite a few fathers who want their sons to take over business. I don't know where I'll be in five years 😛 As long as I'm happy and healthy, I should be fine.

  5. I have no idea where I see myself in 5 years and very much live for the moment, although I do plan big and important things such as family celebrations and special days out and holidays etc. Karen

  6. I don't know if he's right, but as for 5 years from now, as for myself, it's kind of complicated, but I hope and I believe I'll be doing what I love – blogging, and travelling and being able to see my business evolve in the right direction!

  7. You can never really know where will you be in the future, because as they say life is what happens while you are making plans. But I do know for sure that in five years time I'd like to have my own business!

  8. I think there is nothing wrong with his response. We should all be allowed to lead our lives how we want and if that is what will give his life fulfilment then good for him. Just because someone chooses something you may not necessarily choose does not make the other person wrong. If we were all the same, life would be very boring.
    I myself see myself as a fully qualified sports masseuse still travelling the world.

  9. I don't believe there's any right or wrong way to answer that question. Everyone will have their own individual path they seek. Whether it turns out that way is another thing! I see myself being happy. Being happy will come from friends and family and following my dreams. Where that will lead me wh knows? Ree love30

  10. I think his response is fine. Where I see myself in 5 years.. I don't ask myself that question. I live by the day, try to do good and be happy. I've seen so many people be miserable because their plans didn't came through. My solution is to not have a plan :). Let life be. And enjoy.

  11. Really hard to imagine 5 years later stuffs! Life is so full of surprises. But I can definitely wish for something good whether I am there or not… right? 🙂

  12. His father doesn't really have to die for him to take over the business. And he has the right to think of his future 🙂
    I, however, don't like to imagine what's gonna happen tomorrow, especially in a couple of years. I just want to be happy and live my life to the fullest 🙂

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