Are they your Bestie truly?

My Bestie gotta be someone i can wake up as early as 1 or 2 am and head over to rescue or assist with something without questioning the calls or checking the time.
Now think about your very own Bestie and check out a few things that shows if truly the word bestie is the real deal for you both. Did they make the cut?
You share the same interests.
You are always on the same diet.
They can always think of an excuse to get you out of an awkward situation.
They give great advice to you always.
They allow you rant about your favourite shows, even though they don’t even watch them.
They will go that extra mile just to get us that junk meal we so much crave to have when not available.
You trust each others opinion on clothes, hair-do, shoes, event places and so on.
You never let them get away with stupid decisions.
You both have a secret language that doesn’t require talking.
You support each others unhealthy obsessions with random things.
They are there to help with life’s struggles. No questions.

Written by LeXHansplaCE

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