When the message doesn’t seem clear, change the messenger not the message.

Most times we find ourselves going through this set of problem time and time again not knowing the right thing to do. How really can we get over this when all we do is attack and go after the message and not the messenger.


You know its quite funny to know that someone passes a message across to us and because we seem not to understand what the message is all about we end up attacking the message not knowing that truly what needs to be changed in all honesty is the messenger .
Take for instance, I am just your regular guy out here in my country behind my computer screen making blog posts for my blog and i always do the best i can to always come up with posts that when you get to visit and read them it adds meaning and value to you. Now if there is a post i make here that doesn’t seem nice and doesn’t have any form of value and meaning to you, you are expected to change the messenger and not the message… you know why?
When we have issues with a particular person or medium of getting information, there is no amount of sweet coating and colour coating that can be done to make us see value and meaning in the message being passed across as we have already built a brick wall against the messenger and as such whatever come from them is irrelevant to us. Now in this rich sense of nature, i implore us all to learn the habit of seeing beyond the messenger and focus more on the message but if we must, then best bet is to change the messenger and trust me you will get the picture very well and clear.

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

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